Saturday, January 26, 2013

Overworked Overdue Overview

This past week has been rather busy. Scratch that. These past few weeks have been rather busy.

An increase in my work load and the preparation for and execution of two games for RECESS, combined with family and other obligations has significantly slowed my posting to the blog. A bummer, since I am more inspired and jazzed about gaming than I have been in some time.

Well, I never lose my love of gaming, I simply go through periods of liking it and loving it. The love is back and in full force I assure you.

Part of the reason for this is RECESS, which never failed to jumpstart my ideas and I'll admit my ego. There were twenty-six GMs at this particular event and I sincerely hope they all got the kind of feedback and experience I did.

Like, this happened...

I am in a conversation with jenskot/John, one of the fellows who runs the event, when a cute, young lady with glasses bounces up to us.

Cute, bouncing young lady: "Excuse me, Mr. Alien? You're Barking Alien right?"

Me: "Yes...I suppose I am." (I see her name tag - Emi - she looks familiar)

Emi: "My boyfriend was in a game of yours last RECESS and wants to know if you are running anything in the second slot this RECESS. Are you the one doing 'The Incredibles' game?"

Me: "Your boyfriend...? Will! Yes. Yes I am. I remember you now. You were in the Muppets game."

Emi: "Yes! Oh he will be so excited. He really wanted to play in one of your games again. He's very likely to get in. He has ticket #1!"

Will got in, did great and it was in one of the best one-shot games I've ever run. Seriously it was that fun. So fun in fact that Will and another player from that game named Ed (and possibly a third) are joining my once a month Traveller game. Also, people were standing around outside after the event finished and brokedown talking about it. Once again a bunch of people said how great it was right in front of two of the RECESS coordinators, John and Ryan. Hoody Hoo!

I want to talk about sooo many things. That game, the Fraggle Rock game before it and my upcoming Traveller game which is now nearing 11 players! Eleven! Holy Hivers!

A more detailed post will have to wait however, as I am currently off to run my Ars Magica game which has been on hiatus for a few weeks.

Good gaming to you all and talk to you soon,

Barking Alien

PS: 151 Followers! Ha-cha-cha!

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