Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Colorful Character

This is the 'Silver Age' version of a villain I've used in my games since, oh let's see, about 1983 I would guess.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Prism!

His power is to split into seven different, distinct and seperate people, each with a special power and wearing a variation of Prism's costume (usually featuring only their color, black and white).

I don't remember them all but I do recall...

Red is a 20 something, Caucasian Male with a Southern drawl and heat powers.

Yellow is a 20 something African American Woman with light powers and scientific knowledge.

Green is an older Male, sometimes Caucasian with a Scottish accent (sometimes Native American) with plant and earth control.

Blue is Asian, often Male but not always, with water based abilities.

Indigo often has teleportation, fade, or phase into shadows, and other 'Nightcrawler' themed abilities. Indigo's mask is full-face and no one knows exactly what he, or she looks like.

OK, enough for now. Bedtime.

Barking Alien


  1. I have a Professor Prism running around in my campaign world. Think Mirror Master and Rainbow Raider combined.

  2. Nice!

    This guy actually came from two ideas.

    First, what if someone with cloning/duplication powers (the ability to make more of yourself like Marvel's Jamie Madox) didn't make more of themselves, they made other people.

    A hero with this idea named 'The Crowd' was created by a friend of mine and run in a Champions game in college.

    The second was a combination of Rainbow Raider, Doctor Light and others who has a single ability or theme with multiple effects.

    I really like the name 'Professor' Prism. It elevates him from Mighty Mook to Master Villain. May steal that if you don't mind. ;)

  3. I had a friend who made a character with the same powers, though not color-themed. He was the one-man Doppel Gang. I understand that name was used later by Kurt busiek in Astro City (I think), which annoyed my friend as now anyone would likely assume he borrowed it from there.

    Also: I love that costume. Stepped
    right out of the Flash or Green lantern or Atom rogues gallery of the '60s. Kind of like Dr. Light crossed with Rainbow Raider.

    1. That's the idea. I love designing Silver Age style costumes. Most modern costumes bore me.

    2. Well, most are hardly even costumes. Too functional and utilitarian! Gotta love guys like Chronos, Captain Boomerang, and Dr. Alchemy.

  4. As long as his real name isn't "Roy G. Biv"

    1. Your both right! Roy G. Bivolo.

  5. He's like a reverse power ranger! Awesome!

  6. How did you do the art? Was this an online tool or hand drawn?

  7. I did it as I do all my drawings.

    I bit the pose off another artist (I am terrible at coming up with poses so I look at a pose I like in an illustration or photo by someone else ^ ^;), hand draw the character in good old pencil, 'ink' it in darker pencil lines, erase the lines I don't want or need, scan it into my computer and than clean it up and color it in Photostudio 5.5.


    Or as close to voila as I can pull off. ;)