Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For Future Reference

Inspired by Erin Palette's post revealing the starspanning vessel used in her Traveller campaign, I thought I'd take a moment and show you the one from ours.

This vessel is designated as a Laboratory Cutter, similar to and yet very different from the traditional Lab Ship normally encountered in Classic Traveller.

The original Lab Ship is a ring with a pylon/tube extending from the inside of the ring to the center space where a small launch (shuttle) connects with the vessel. In this design, the ring is the ship, with the launch merely a support vessel.

In our version, based on a design created by my friend and I about 15 years ago, the ring houses the labs, staterooms and other elements but the control deck/bridge, Jump Drive and such are part of a modular cutter that connects to the ring is a fashion similar to the classic version.

The major difference is that in the original the ring is the ship. In the version above, the cutter is the ship and the ring is the support vessel.

Due to the need to depict the vessel's interior as clearly as possible, the lab/support ring has been omitted for clarity. I may show an interior shot of that in an upcming post. The overall design of the central cutter is based on the 'Super Swift' from Space:1999. 

Barking Alien

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  1. From left to right what you are looking at is...

    Exterior Dorsal (Top) View

    Interior Top View of Deck 1

    Interior Top View of Deck 2

    The small, gray rectangles on either side of the ship's lower deck (as well as some of the rectangles on the lower deck image) are there to indicate the presence and position of the vessel's landing gear.