Friday, May 3, 2013

Into Trekness...The Naked Now

This post may be a bit all over the place. I'll try to reign in my stream of consciousness but it may be difficult. That's just how my head is working at the moment.

I had a rather interesting day yesterday.

While much of it was no different from any other day, I did get some good news, saw a friend or two and feel generally and genuinely inspired.

Some of the good news will have to wait for a later post but I would like to mention getting to see the Fredericks and Freiser Gallery show of our very own Zak Smith.

Is he our very own? He's one of us surely...but...he belongs to the world!

Where was I? Oh yes! It was a fantastic show. A smallish collection of his work but every piece interesting, even intriguing. The sense of scale is something you don't always get when you see Zak's artwork on the internet. Some of the pieces, most of them, were much larger and even more intricate than I imagined from seeing them online.

I got to say hi to Zak (which was nice) and I got to meet Mandy in person for the first time (which was also very nice). Oh, and Mandy's dog, who was very cute and handled the limelight like a pro.

If you're in New York City or can get here I highly recommend checking it out. The exhibit lasts until the end of the month.

After leaving the gallery I hopped on over to my FLGS, The Compleat Strategist. There, I said hello to the owner Danny, the manager/my friend Larry and my friend and player Ray. I usually only go there on the weekends these days so I don't often get to see Danny or Larry. I've known these guys forever. Danny since I was 14. That's thirty years. Yikes.

Finally I came home to an email from another of my players, Will, who is part of our monthly Traveller game. To say 'part' is insufficient. He is the major driving force of our first adventure/story arc. It would be a very different, much slower game without his motivation and input.

Anyway, the email was to let me know he saw my blog, discovered I'll be talking about Star Trek gaming this month and running Star Trek at the next RECESS and was very encouraging about both prospects. That felt good.

You see my little tribbles, sometimes I feel alone in my love of Star Trek gaming. Yes, I know there are fans out there tuning in to this secure Starfleet channel and its for you guys as well as myself that I dedicate blog space to the subject. It is an extra special and rare treat these days however to get a thumbs up from someone I know and game with in 'real life'.

The lengths some players will go through to avoid playing Star Trek.
Fine, you guys win. I'll run Superheroes. Again.
This Star Trek themed month is starting off slow, with more raw emotion and less refined ideas, but have no fear, I'm just getting warmed up. It isn't easy to cold start a warp core.
Barking Alien


  1. It would take Mr. Spock to find a way to mix matter and anti-matter cold. And even then, the temporal effects are unpredictable.

    I know how it goes. I've got a good, stable D&D group, but more often these days, I find I'm browsing the Star Trek section of my gaming shelf.

  2. I'm currently running a Star Trek game every Tuesday night at 8 Eastern on G+ Hangouts...

    1. What?! Really? That's awesome! Any way to check it out?

    2. Sure, if you circle me +Joshua Macy on G+ you'll get an invite to the game; I actually couldn't play tonight, because I've got a bad cold, but +Kyrinn Eis GM'ed. The invite is also (usually, if I have my act together) to the SFX! RPGs community, and the G+ Hangout RPGs communities.

  3. Is it ok to say I only really like the Voyager series and I think the JJ Abrams Star Trek is the best since Kahn?


    1. No. It's not OK.

      Aw, I'm just yanking your chain. It's cool.

      There's no accounting for taste.


  4. Well, I'm eagerly awaiting some Trek-related posts, but they don't seem to be forthcoming yet. How about some questions?

    If you were to run a Star Trek campaign right now, which system would you use?

    What kind of story set-up would you use? A ship exploring space? A space station? A non-Starfleet mechanter?

    1. Things have been a little crazy for me lately so blogging has had to go on the backburner for a time.

      I do want to get back to it in full force and I appreciate the inspirational kick in the pants.

      I will address your question more directly in an upcoming post but it gives me the additional idea of soliciting questions from readers on anything Star Trek gaming related.

      Always wanted to run a Star Trek game but had trouble getting started? Ran one or running one now and looking for ideas on how to improve the experience? Ask a question in regard to Trek RPGing and I will do my best to help!