Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Into Trekness

I am...into Trekness.

I am a Star Trek fan. A 'Trekkie'. I like Star Trek and things having to do with Star Trek. I enjoy other TV shows, movies, comic books and related entertainment media of a Star Trek nature.

I am into Trekness.

My Andorian Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Ch'Theleth Thir,
aboard Earth Spacedock / Starbase One, in Star Trek Online.
It is an MMO, with Trekness.

While I have a fondness for Trekness, not everyone does.

I have come to some clear and rather bracing realizations about this.

First, Star Trek Into Darkness will be out this month and, while I am pretty sure it won't be a great movie, knowing that going in I bet I will enjoy it more than I did the first one, which I really thought was going to be awesome.

Second, as much as I love Star Trek and running and playing games in that universe, it may be a while before I get to do so again. I will expand this statement to say, "it may be a while before I get to do a campaign again". I do have high hopes for a one shot somewhere down the line and I intend to submit a Star Trek RPG event for the next RECESS (whenever that comes up).

Looking at the proclamations above, you would think that ol' Adam would be feeling pretty down about the lack of Star Trek gaming in his life. You'd be right of course, with a small caveat to consider.

I have this here blog.

My blog enables me to do something amazing that I can't always seem to do at my actual gaming table at this time. I can generate ideas and material for Star Trek RPG campaigns and have people see them, enjoy them and maybe, hopefully, find them useful.

To this end, every once in a while, I dedicate a large portion of one month's posts to my favorite RPG subject, Star Trek gaming. Response to these excursions into die-slinging where no one has gone before have been very positive so for May, I am doing it again.

Now, it may not be all Star Trek and nothing but Star Trek this month but the vast majority of it will. If Star Trek is not your thing, I apologize, hope you enjoyed last month's supervillains and thing you would do well to return next month to see what I've got cooking. Another thought is, well, come back and check it out anyway once in a while, just for craps and giggles. Maybe you'll see something you like that you can use elsewhere. Maybe you can adapt an idea to Traveller or Gamma World.

Or maybe, just maybe, you could give Star Trek a try and see how it goes.

Let in the Trekness.

 Fortune Class By John Byrne.

Course laid in Captain...

Barking Alien


  1. In my Calculus class last night the Prof. had an problem on exponential growth using Tribbles as the example (and a screen-cap of Kirk buried in them).
    "Everyone has seen this episode, right?"

    Blank looks all around, only a couple of us had. He then referred the DS9 episode where they time-travel back to the tribble episode as being vastly better.

    I was the only one who had a clue what he was talking about.

    At which point he called me a nerd.

  2. At first I was going to commend the guy but to call the only person in the room to know what HE's talking about a nerd...

    *Communicator chirp*
    "Kettle here. Go ahead."
    "Your black. Pot out."