Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Into Trekness...Up The Long Ladder


My lack of posting this month, juxtaposed with how inspired I was (and still am) to discuss Star Trek RPG gaming is nothing short of monumental.

Yes, the degree to which I have neglected this blog in the month of May is a thing of awe.

I was going through something, a personal thing. It's hard to describe and I shall spare you the details anyway but it has my thoughts elsewhere and not on my favorite subject of leisure.

That said, I believe I am over it now and want to get back to the matter at hand. However, I also believe my brain is not really very condusive to theme months unless the inspiration strikes out of nowhere (meaning that is I plan it ahead of time, I tend to lose steam).

So for the rest of this month I will try to do some more Star Trek gaming posts but expect next month to be a mixture of the usual favorites and a few things I haven't gone into in detail. Highlights include Star Trek and Superheroes of course, but also Mekton, my newest 'He-Made-A-Game-Outta-What-Now?!' RPG and, believe or not, even some Medieval Fantasy (say it ain't so!).

May has felt like a slow crawl up a long ladder but I've finally reached the attic of my mind and found a whole bunch of cool stuff I seem to have hidden away.

Barking Alien

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