Thursday, November 28, 2013

An Ode To Thanksgiving - BARKING ALIEN Style

To All Those Who Visit and Came to Say Hi,
I Wish A Happy Thanksgiving,
And I'll Tell You Why...
I'm Thankful For Family, Mine Is Small But The Best,
I'm Glad To Spend Time With Them, To Eat and To Rest,
To Joke and To Laugh, To Have Stories To Trade,
To Enjoy Our Group Viewing of the Parade Macys Made.
I'm Thankful They're Cool To Follow In Tow,
As I Watch My Favorite Creatures In The National Dog Show.
I Relinquish The TV, Done With It All,
So My Brother-In-Law Can Watch His Football.
I Play With My Nephew, The Least I Can Do,
Since I Love Him a Bunch and He Loves Me Too.
My Sister A Cook Like No Buddy's Biz,
Her Turkey Making Even My Mom Say, "GEE WHIZ!"
I Am Thankful For All This, My Friends and My Dog,
And That You've Indulged Me With This Post On My Blog.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Barking Alien
PS: This is happening...Tonight!

I am not a Lady Gaga fan (at all) but she is a fan of the Muppets so she can't be all bad. Check it out Barkers! Peace!


  1. The GaGa special wasn't too bad, actually! You can tell she really loves the Muppets, and her duet with Kermit was pretty nice. Plus Elton John, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Kristen Bell, so yeah! I had it playing in the background at work.

  2. Not bad at all. A little more Muppets or more for them to do in a holiday special with their name on it would've been better. Also, it could probably have benefitted from more 'holiday'-themed songs or skits. Otherwise, it was the Muppets in a TV special again and there is nothing wrong with that!