Thursday, November 21, 2013

Don't Stop Believin'

I am unlikely to be continuing with any additional work on my NaGaDeMon project. Again.

This, who am I kidding, this year...has not gone smoothly for me. I am working more and harder than usual, largely to make up for the weak business of a few months back. Please check out my humiliating notice to that regard at the bottom of this post.*

Not one to simply give up (Never Give Up, Never Surrender!), I am putting in extra hours on all fronts and still working on my various game projects but I'll be taking my own sweet time thank you very much. I may not slay the NaGaDeMon but Unfinished Business will get finished, The StoryTeller will be told and The Twilight Zone, well, keep an eye out for the sign post up ahead.

Traveller is still going strong, if we survive the next session of Pendragon that too can be considered a success...but wait...what's that off starboard...sensors are picking up...


I'm not exactly sure how it happened but basically I mentioned missing Star Trek gaming on a Facebook RPG Group I am a member of and the next thing I know I am gearing up to run a pre-TOS campaign which could very well have 7-9 players.


I am really excited and already have the 'meta-plot'/premise and tons of adventure ideas. Tons!

The game is a classic space exploration campaign. We will begin the game aboard the USS Journey, a roughly 70 year old Daedalus Class vessel being used to test the feasibility of upgrading older model ships with the newest equipment. Is it worth it, or more effective to simply back newer starship designs? The initial adventure, the Pilot Episode if you will, will feature a shakedown cruise and review of how well the ship performed.

If you think it ends've got another thing coming.

So far only a few PCs have been worked out but I am very happy to say that among the players are two or more new additions to my group, two of which are female players. Yay! Female players again! Star Trek, female gamers...starting to feel like old times.

Expect numerous updates on this one. I am serious. Yeah, I know I've said that before but this is Star Trek. I also plan on working in a number of Journey references. Trust me, they'll go on and on, and on and on...

Oh wait, before I forget, I was name dropped on the latest Play on Target Podcast! Yeah boy! Lowell Francis and the amazing group over at PoT did an episode on Superhero RPGs and mentioned me both on Lowell's site Age of Ravens and in the podcast itself. Thanks so much Lowell! Everyone should check it out. Play on Target is my favorite gaming podcast so not only it is a great honor but I highly recommend listening to their previous entries.


Please bare with me for the rest of the month. I am going to try as hard as I can to update more regularly but with Thanksgiving, work and other concerns it might be a little tough. Still, know that I'm thinking about all of you!

Barking Alien

*Please highlight if interested: I have, against my personal pride and better judgement, added a Donation button on the right side of my blog. This is a temporary measure. Funds are very short right now because of a very bad summer season. Terribly so in fact. Business is getting back to normal and may soon improve and I will be expanding my weekend work teaching at the learning center. Right now though, I could really use some help.

Thanks everyone.

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