Saturday, May 31, 2014


I keep starting posts, then deleting them.

What I've been coming up with is too negative, too bitter. Too snarky, even for me.

Yes. You audibly gasped didn't you? We're talking weapons grade snark.

I don't want that.

What I do want is to tell you about a little thing going on in my headspace.

Ooh. Spacey.

I haven't been able to game very much lately, at least not either of my two ongoing games. I am seriously missing Traveller and can't wait to get to the second session of Champions.

Thoughts are drifting towards the development of a third game, run online over Google Hangouts, mostly to fill the empty void in my heart left by not getting to game in person as much as I'd like.

What will it be. Oh, if only I had all the answers...

See you in June.

Barking Alien


  1. Well, if my hypothetical Mindjammer thing or my hypothetical Villains & Vigilantes thing comes together, you're certainly invited & welcome.

  2. I appreciate that Fred. Online or Face-to-Face? V&V would be fun indeed.

  3. If it actually happens, it'd be face-to-face, probably in a boutique-with-upstairs tables like Cafe 28 or Bread and Butter, probably on a weeknight after work. (So shorter than your'e used to, probably about 3 hours.) I've been reading through Mindjammer for a while now in prep for maybe *actually running something* for the first time in a decade, but I've got about 400 pages to go in that and in the meantime V&V is short enough I could relearn it sooner. (And, uh, I've been blowing too much money on Comixology lately.)

  4. What happened with the rest of the first Champions session?

  5. I should have said, what happened IN the rest of the first Champions session?