Monday, February 23, 2015

As Time Goes By

Can you believe it's been 6 years? I can't.

Sometimes it seems like only yesterday that I started this blog. Other days, it seems like I only recently updated its look. I steal a glance at the post count, and view count, and I am just floored.

Where did the time go? Moreover, why don't I have even more material considering the six year lifespan of this strange creature? Some months are so chock full of posts I have to wonder when I slept. Others are so devoid of content I'm forced to wonder if I was in a Russian gulag, or taking a vacation in Tahiti without my own knowledge.

This year, the sixth in which I've been blogging, and the thirty-eighth in which I've been playing RPGs, is off to a great start with no sign of slowing. I've got a ton of ideas, and subjects I want to discuss, Thorough Thursdays is going over very well, and the best is yet to come.

Thanks you stopping by ladies, and gentlemen, and other manner of others. Please enjoy your stay, and come back, and visit us often.

A Happy Anniversary for Barking Alien, is a Happy Anniversary for all of its readers.


Barking Alien


  1. Happy 6th! I've got a couple months and I'll hit the same marker. May your bark grow stronger.

    1. Thanks Tim! And congrats yourself on the upcoming milestone.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Happy! You Shorts' are the bests.

    2. I read on another blog you're thinking about doing a Patreon page.

    3. Considering it. Not sure it's right for me, or my readers.

    4. Heh, you ask the easy questions don't you Ivy? Get out of her way Barbara Walters!

      So, it boils down to, 'Would anyone want to pay for the material I have been giving them for free for so long. Would I feel like a sell out taking money for it. Is there some way to differentiate Patreon material, from 'regular' material?'

      Another big concern I have is that I feel like I produce some really good stuff for things that aren't mine (Alien(s), DC Comics, The Muppets). How does that work with Patreon. If you tip me so I'll produce more Blade Runner game idea, is Warner Bros. going to accuse me of infringing on their copyright because I (indirectly perhaps) made money of their IP?

    5. Tim, like many others, offer their stuff for free or someone can support their maps, adventures, posts and so on.

      You won't know, until you try.

    6. There is mass confusion on what Patreon is or isn't. But it's for sure, a lot more simple than some bloggers are making it out to be. Best of luck to you, whatever you do.

  3. You got to love the blog for what it is, not what it wasn't at times in the past. You just do what you want, and the rest of us will benefit from that.

  4. Well done on sticking at it. I'm glad you're still here, especially for so often having a view of a different hue.

  5. Congratulations!
    I appreciate your insights and you have given me quite a bit of food for thought. Especially your Superhero gaming.