Sunday, February 1, 2015

Goal Post

No New Year's Resolutions this year. Not going to bother. They cause me to put undue pressure on myself, and then I feel like crap when I don't see them through.

For many, New Year's Resolutions are no big deal, but for me, they are, or were, kind of a family tradition, so failing to meet them really irks me. I can't ignore it, so I didn't make any this year.

Having said that, I do have a few goals for the New Year, minor ones, that I hope to accomplish. I feel that by accomplishing them, I will be more inclined to make bigger changes, and improvements later on.

Not bad, huh? Self-psycho-analysis, and treatment. Boy, oh boy. I hope I don't charge too much. I would hate to be unable to afford my own help.


One of my goals is to up the monthly average of posts on my blog.

The last two times DYVERS did his Great Blog Roll Call, he noted my average posts per months as 10-12. That sucks. It just does. It's considerably less than when I started, and seeing the blog is somewhat reflective of my good spirits, if I am to stay positive I need to post more often (and vice versa).

So here is my goal...An average of 15 times a month, or roughly once every two days. More if possible, but that's my minimum. I have already achieved that in the prior month of January, so I am happy, and starting off on the right foot.

Looking forward to February.


Barking Alien