Saturday, February 28, 2015


"Of my friend I can say only this:
of all the souls I have encountered in my travels,
his was the most...Human."

Few figures in the world of fandom, and pop culture, have had the  presence, prominence, the iconic voice and image, and the pure respect given to the man who yesterday, at the age of 83, went boldly for the final time.

Leonard Nimoy, actor, director, photographer, poet, singer, songwriter, and humanitarian, passed away on February 27th, at his home in Los Angeles, CA.

Among his many achievements, he was a  'spirit animal' to the nerdy, the geeky, and the cerebral misfits of generations past, present, and hopefully future. He was a man of wisdom, compassion, and intelligence, and the world is lessened by his passing, and made greater by the legacy he has left behind.

His final message on twitter, posted repeatedly ad nauseam since confirmation of his death, shall none the less be shared here as well. Not because they are the last words he shared with his adoring public, but because they are beautiful.

Leonard Nimoy the man is as fascinating (if you will pardon the reference) as his character of Mr. Spock, and both, for a variety of reasons, are a major inspiration to me as a fan, as an artist, and as a person.

Good bye Mr. Nimoy, thank you for you.

Barking Alien

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