Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Hunt Is Over

I am beside myself with happiness today, and both of us are speechless.

I received, in the mail, a First Edition Copy of Hunter Planet, The All-Australian Role Playing Game, from none other than the game's creator, David Bruggeman.

One of only 500 copies produced, written on a Macintosh in 1985, this thing is a sickly pale yellow, has weird font issues, and is absolutely, positively GLORIOUS!

I have been trying to find this game for what feels like forever. Ever since I played it once at a game convention run by a friend of mine, I'd hoped to revisit the awesome that is this game.

I've talked about the game, and my love of it, quite a few times in the past...

Game You'd Like to See A New/Improved Edition of
Game You Wish You Owned
Hunting for Hunter Planet

Uniquely Australian, yet fundamentally funny regardless of where you're from, I simply can not wait to read this bad boy. Better yet, I can't wait to run it.

As it turns out, Mr. Bruggeman, or David (Can I call you David?), read of my long quest to obtain this game, and my obsession with it even after only playing it once. He made a comment on my blog not long ago, and that was followed by an email requesting my address.

I checked the mail today, and low and behold, there is was.

I want to thank David Bruggeman, my blog (Heheh), and everyone who has tried to help me in my search for this holy grail. David tells me a new edition of the game is in the works! You heard it here first Barking Alien fans - Barkley and I will keep you posted as news develops.

This calls for a Snoopy happy dance.

Barking Alien


  1. That is very cool! Cheers for David as well. I had Hunter Planet myself "back in the day", and it was a hoot.

  2. It looks fascinating. Please post more about it as you read it.

  3. LOL - so the copy I was going to send can stay on my shelf then?

    1. Ha! Absolutely. Hold it for someone else. Spread the love!

  4. Hooray for the internet and the love of games! Sometimes awesome things work out in awesome ways! Hooray!

  5. do you know where i can get a copy?

    1. Not specifically, but both ebay and Noble Knight Games occasionally have copies available from time to time.

      Rejoice in the news that a new edition is coming (news I got straight from the creator!).