Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Drawn Together

There has been a hole in my heart these past two months effecting everything I do, every waking moment. While the wound left behind by the passing of Delilah, the first dog I've ever had that was wholly mine [and not a family pet] may never fully heal, the emptiness has been greatly eased. I have adopted another dog and I couldn't be happier.

Say hello to Sketch!

Sketch is a 6 month old, Male, Hound/Terrier mix that is perhaps the most affectionate dog I have ever met. 

Originally from Mississippi and adopted from New York's ASPCA, this scrappy little guy is incredibly smart and playful, but if given the chance he would much rather just sit in my lap and cuddle. He already has decent name recognition, fetches, sits, and we are working on a touch command. 

As of now, his favorite toys are two balls: a plastic, squeaking one and the other a simple tennis ball. He seems to like all his toys though. He sleeps in his dog bed, but would rather sleep on my bed or the couch. 

I love him. He is adorable, sweet, and the exactly what I'd hoped for. It sounds corny I know but I really feel like we rescued each other with this adoption. 

Thanks for sharing this moment with me. It's a happy one.

Peace and Love,

Barking Alien


  1. Welcome to the crew Sketch! Watch out for the 3rd turbo lift on the left and the Gamorrean on deck 5 (Tuesdays aren't his day). I'm sure you'll have your comm badge before you know it and don't mind the muppets. They're a little wacky but they make a great bridge crew. Don't tell the captain I said so but I'm sure you'll be running things before the year is out.

    Good luck, welcome to the crew, and watch out for food dispensers.

  2. I'm very happy for you both! Welcome home, Sketch!

  3. Glad you've found a new friend!
    : )

  4. Hello, Sketch!

    Also, I shall give Rebels another try.

  5. Awww, that is such great news! Congratulations to Sketch, he adopted the right person. (-;

  6. I'm so glad you got a new dog! I know this won't fill the absence in your heart but Sketch looks like he'll be a great companion in your life.