Thursday, August 16, 2018

RPGaDay Challenge 2018 - Day 16

This one made me laugh...


You want that from newest idea to oldest, alphabetical order, most developed to least, or how likely they are to get to the table based on compatibility percentages with each group?

Seriously, this is the Barking Alien blog kids. Anyone whose been around here before this post knows I'm usually working on at least half a dozen new campaign ideas at any given time. Most of these concepts never get beyond the initial 'hey, you know what would be cool' stage. A select few get nearly the attention of games I manage to run before they are shelved for one reason or another. Developing a Role Playing Game campaign is, for me, very much like pitching a motion picture in Hollywood, complete with concept art that's never used and going over budget on props. 

All kidding aside, the games I plan to run next are...

The Orville

I would really love to give the Orville another chance. I don't feel like my initial attempt truly captured the feel of the series and it certainly wasn't as challenging for the PCs as it could have been. Against my own better judgement, I tried to make it 'Star Trek Lite' instead of serious Space Adventure with more quirky characters. I missed the mark big time and want very much to make another go at it. 

I would use Modiphius Entertainment's Star Trek Adventures system as I like it a lot and of course it designed (or at the very least adapted) to emulate just such a setting. I want to more fully flesh out the Orville universe elements and to do that I may have to wait until after Season 2 of the series has gotten underway. 

Maybe my new campaign for 2019? We'll see.



A little secret side project I've been toying with for some time is a Wild West RPG based on the rules of classic Traveller. Right now it lives in a dusty corner of my computer under the title 'Pioneer'.

The idea first came to me about a year ago (maybe two) when I was trying to think of a system for running my very specific take on Westerns. I wanted something that had an air of realism about it but would still enable me to tell the kind of American Folklore, Wild West Ghost Story tales I used in my first and really only Western campaign up to this point. 

The project is currently a bit unfocused. I know what I want for the most part but I am not sure how to present it or where I am going with it. Yet. It is very much a work in progress, though progress does continue. 

Can I / Will I / Should I finish Pioneer in time to make it my next campaign? I haven't yet decided...

and getting honorable mention...

Sentai / Giant Robots

I have been powerfully inspired by Voltron, The Legendary Defender and haven't run a Giant Robot campaign in a very long time. I'd really love to do a game inspired by the Netflix animated series combined with more Sentai elements such as more individualized abilities and gear for the PCs and more Kaiju-of-the-Week enemies.

Maybe. I kind of like how they held off throwing a 'robeast' at the Voltron team episode after episode, making the appearances of said monstrosities extra-special. 

Shelved in my mental archives for later.

Well, that's where I'm at.

Where are you?

Barking Alien


  1. You were right: this year, questions seem more interesting. Or, at least, your answers are ;)

    I, too, use the metaphor of the producer. One has several projects in development, hoping that one of them would get a push any moment. In the meanwhile, you better think about the cast, prepare a few crip drafts a get a good feel about the tone of the production.

    I want to run and, if possible, play some Sci-Fi. And this time, I want it to become something regular, not a side game. For that, there are three games getting my attention right now:

    - Star Trek Adventures. Ideas for Star Trek plots come easily to me. I ran the Quickstart adventure and the players seemed lo like it. But I have my doubts that they won't get an itch in the trigger's finger if we play regularly. The style of game that really makes us tick is a lot more akin to a Tarantino film. But, hey, I just read that Tarantino wants to make a Star Trek film, so maybe I just have to believe.

    - Wrath & Glory. The exact opposite in many senses. I love the 40K setting, but it seems I am the only one who sees the dark humor in it, and people are turned off by the oppresive grimdark. Strangely enough, when the setting's authorities encourage summary excutions, torturing prisoners and acting above the law, the players loose interest in those activities. But I still think that if I could transmit my vision of the setting, it would be a great fit for our group, and a blast to GM.

    - Coriolis: It looks very, very good, and ideally suited for the kind of adventures I like to run. But... the Arabian Nights feeling is not something that I know (never read the stories) or attracts me nearly as much as the other two. It comes with a lot of material to play (if you get the Icon package, which is about to be released in Spain), which is good for long term playing, but doesn't motivate me the same way that creating a few planets in my favourite settings does. Yet... I am ready for all the work creating a campaign sector implies? Won't it end up half-baked? Coriolis is original, comes with the support of one of my players and is an easy sell for the rest. If I give it an opportunity, maybe I would fall in love with it.

    As always, so many games, so little time to play.

    1. Your choices and unique takes on them seem intriguing. I hope you get a chance to run at least one of these in the near future. Feel free to share the experience when you do!