Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bored On The Fourth of July

So yesterday was July 4th (Happy US Independence Day to my fellow Americans by the way) and I had originally planned on getting together with my group and running either a make up session of our normal Champions game (which I cancelled last Saturday to spend the day with my awesome girlfriend who is awesome. Have I mentioned how awesome she is?) or a one shot of something to gage interest in what to run once the Champions game ends.

As it turned out, I was late to our little get together due to putting the final touches on a scenario for Metal Head, a Japanese TRPG I've had in my collection for ages and I've really wanted to play again but haven't in years and years.

When I arrive, the guys are already there and we begin our usual ritual of pre-game bs and catching up when low and behold another of my players arrives who I thought was going to make it. So it's Dave, Marcus, Ray and myself. Not everyone but not bad. Champions is out because Lee wasn't able to attend and his PC and Ray's were involved in something big that it didn't feel right addressing without him there. Metal Head it was.

Only, it wasn't...

Before we could even get started making up characters, it was 4:00 pm or so and we somehow got into a conversation about D&D and the different editions and I should have known at that point everything was going to go to hell. Before I realized what was happening Dave was saying we should play my version of D&D because its so different from regular D&D, etc, etc. So what do we end up doing? Playing my D&D-But-Not game. I ran what was perhaps the lamest scenario I have ever run. I am almost a little embarrassed by it.

So after a good 5 hours of it, the adventure came to an end and I'm sure the look of relief was obvious on my face.

We spent the last half hour to forty-five minutes taking about what to run next after Champions and I confessed to the group that I was having difficulty deciding. I also brought up my feelings that I am in an Art Film mood and this group is a Blockbuster audience. They mostly agreed, with Marcus going so far as to say, "Sorry, I can't do deep".

In the end though I think I actually came up with a good idea and a result of that discussion. More on that later...

Barking Alien


  1. Sorry to hear the game was such a struggle. Sometimes when your geared for one type of game and trying to switch is difficult. Hopefully the next game will be a great one.

  2. Thanks Tim!

    Actually I think I am finally narrowing in on a solid next campaign concept. It's science fiction, features a classic far future RPG and yet it's not what you might expect in many ways.

    I look forward to saying more...