Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Will Wonders Never Cease

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Oh well...

A lot of things to touch upon this evening so let's get started shall we?

While walking by this small thrift store I pass by each and every work day, I decided to peek through the window at the used books. I do this one every week or two and though there has never been anything that caught my interest, I keep doing it just in case. Years ago I did the same thing at another such goodwill store near my old job downtown, periodically peering in from time to time and I came upon one of the
Terra Trade Authority books. Ever since then I check out these kinds of stores in the off chance they'll have something cool.

Well luck was with me yesterday as I spotted two books I've been trying to get back ever since my copies were lost in the late eighties or early nineties. I found them both in hardcover and in very good condition for only $6.00 each!

'Flight of the Dragons' by Peter Dickinson is an oddly scientific look at dragons, with detailed theories on the pseudo-science that would enable such an animal to have actually existed in the real world. The book is full of neat illustrations, great stories and, although too science-y for my take on dragons, it is an excellent source for the kind of thoughts that go into world-building and alien creature design in RPGs. In addition, Dickinson gives scientific explanations for many of the legends attributed to dragons so, 'Ecology of the Dragon' anyone?

'Giants' by David Larkin is a book much more akin to one of my all time favorite books ever, 'Faeries' by Alan Lee and Brian Froud. Combining stories from myth and folklore with some fantastic illustrations, Giants is the perfect companion to Faeries, Gnomes and other such fantasy reference books. I am reading this one first and loving it. Very intriguing and giving me tons of fuel for an Ars Magica game (should I ever get to run one again).

Although I am not into D&D, Noisms has an excellent theory/concept of the how D&D style exploration and adventure might fit other historical eras better then it's default pseudo-medieval setting. I recommend checking it out.

It's official (although it will be officially announced at our regular Champions session this Saturday); I will not be running the next campaign my regular gaming group will be playing. Instead, one of my great players and good friends, Ray, will be running a campaign based on the Japanese Anime/Manga Hunter X Hunter
. Should be a blast!

Happy Birthday to Lynda Carter! A wonder woman above and beyond her iconic role.

Sad to hear of the passing of Sherman Hemsley, gone at the age of 74. While I am not a religious man (and that is the understatement of the century), if I did believe in an afterlife I would imagine he'd be movin' on up.

Also, Rest In Peace Sally Ride, the first woman in space. A big inspiration to many in and out of the field of space science and a charming person in her own right, she leaves this Earth for the unknown frontier at the age of 61.

OK, lots more to come! Not having to work on a new campaign makes me feel so free. I have all this spare time. I think I'll...ooh, I know...I'll jot down some future campaign ideas...

Yeah, yeah I know. It's in my blood.

Barking Alien


  1. Ah TTA, one of my all time favourites. I knew there was a reason I hung around here ;-)

    Did you catch the revival a couple of years ago? Although the revision of the timeline didn't go down too well, the RPG was workable. Battlefield Press have the licence now and have indicated a kickstarter campaign for a Traveller and Savage Worlds-based game in the autumn.

  2. I would totally be down for TTA Traveller. That's sounds awesomely awesome as it echos down the winding corridors of my mind. Oh yeah.

  3. I be that new follower! Enjoying the blog. Back in the 80's my sister and I had both of those books (and ultimately she kept them, alas).

  4. Ooh the pain! That sucks. Well, at least it went to family.