Monday, July 16, 2012

Preparing For War

In summarizing the setting for our upcoming, new campaign, 'BattleTech Reborn', I came up with this...



Comprised of many hundreds of worlds and overseen by the five Great Houses, the Inner Sphere of our galaxy's Orion-Cygnus Arm was once the home to the mighty Star League, an alliance of the Great Houses that achieved wonders no governing body had achieved before or since.

Following the collaspe of the Star League centuries ago, the galaxy has known virtually nothing but conflict and division. It was long believed that nothing could again unify the Inner Sphere, except the eventual victory of one of the Great Houses.

Unfortunately, the end of the many Succession Wars did not unify the Inner Sphere but instead shatter it into many smaller nations, with each of the Great Houses controlling a portion of the region.

What came next was as tragic as it was unexpected. The former Star League Defense Force, now broken up and reorganized into group known as The Clans, invaded the Inner Sphere looking for resources that were desperately few in the other star systems known as the Periphary.

As the the Clans began their guerilla raids and surprise attacks against an Inner Sphere exhausted from centuries of war, a retalitory strike against several Clan colonies resulted in enraging them to fevered levels. Now it was not only a quest for materials and food, it was a matter of honor. It was personal.

No military force of the Great Houses claimed responsibility for the attacks on the Clan colonies, which were largely civillian outposts and their destruction took many innocent lives. As the Great Houses and Clans clashed on planets all across the Orion Arm, the truly wise and observant asked the question, "Who really attacked the Clan colonies and why?"

Sadly, it was a question drowned out by the thunder of war on the fields of battle. The Clans blamed the Great Houses, the Houses shed no tears for their invaders' kin and ComStar ,the governing body that held control of Humanity's birth place, the Earth, claimed neutrality in the conflict but showed no desire to help any one party over another.

Now, in the year 3052 AD, our story truly begins. The Star League is gone. The Great Houses fight against invaders and each other. The Clans attack the Inner Sphere for resources and revenge. A mystery remains unsolved. The Succession Wars are over but the necessity for Battletech is reborn.


Well? How's that sound for starters?

Barking Alien

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  1. Sounds neat! I know nothing of Battletech except the mecha stolen from Japan, but that sounds like a setting ripe for adventure depending on how much autonomy the PCs have.