Monday, April 26, 2021

Bug Stompers

 Happy Xenomorph Day Everyone!
April 26th, or 4/26, has become a way to celebrate the ALIEN franchise, referencing the planet LV-426 where upon the crew of the USCSS Nostromo and it's Chief Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley first encountered the titular extraterrestrial horror. 

I was really looking forward to today as Free League Publishing had originally announced that its delayed Colonial Marines Operations Manual would come out today, this most appropriate of days. has been further delayed and will not be out until, well, until they're completely done with it I suppose. When that will be is anyone's guess but Free League assures up the date is 'soon'. 

I am disappointed of course, partially because it would have been cool to have it come out on this particular date but also because I really like this game and there really hasn't been any great material for it since the main book was released. The special dice, the GM screen - all that and an adventure came out with the corebook or just after. What have we seen since? Another adventure or two? Nice but not something I need or use so I am looking for them to put out more books. A Colonial Marines sourcebook is just what the Android ordered! 

So now we wait. I hope Ferro and Spunkmeyer get here soon. 

Did...did you just hear a crash? That sounded like a crash...

Barking Alien

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  1. Are you much of a miniatures guy Adam? Was wondering if you had seen the stuff that GF9 is putting out for their "Aliens, Another glorious day in the corps." board game? Some really nice stuff, and you can get the figures without having to buy the big boxed game.