Saturday, January 1, 2022

An Ode To Characters - 31 Days / 31 Characters


This year is special and I want my posts this year to be just as special. 

As such, if it isn't the very best I can muster [within realistic parameters] than it isn't worth putting up on the blog. I feel that some of my posts for the 31 Days / 31 Characters Challenge this year have fallen into the category of sub-par and so I am calling a 'Do Over'.

For me, the primary goal of this challenge is to showcase some of the most interesting characters I've had the privilege to run, play, or know about over the past 45 years. Even if I can only give a glimpse into how awesome these creations are, I want to do all I can to ensure that glimpse does them justice.

Here goes...

Hello there Barking Alien readers! Welcome to the first day of Earth's 2022nd revolution around its Sun! 

I know that's not even close to an accurate statement but the actual number of solar revolutions would have us here reading 'zeroes' until the next solar revolution, so lets pretend as one and enjoy this arbitrary benchmark together shall we!


As I mentioned in my last post of 2021, this year I will be celebrating my 45th Gaming Anniversary all year long. That celebration begins here, by taking another crack at The 31 Days / 31 Characters Character Design Challenge!

As with my past attempt, I will be doing things a bit differently. It isn't a Barking Alien endeavor if I don't mess with the rules right?

Instead of creating a new character for each day of the challenge, I am going to go back through the archives of previous campaigns and post a character that deserves to be acknowledged for just being so dang cool and memorable. 

In many cases the player who ran that character will also be recognized and honored for bringing such a fantastic PC to life.

Other characters are ones I played myself or they might be notable NPCs who I and/or my players fell in love with, even if we loved hating them. 

Doesn't this sound fun? I think so. OK, a few guidelines first...

The Character can not have been discussed in detail on this site already. I am trying to introduce my audience to new characters. I am going to be a lenient on this rule, as there are some characters who've received mention but deserve a closer look. 

I will try to cover as many games as possible in as many genres as possible but know that you'll definitely be seeing multiple Dungeons & Dragons-But-Not, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Superhero characters. That's what I've run and played most so dem's da breaks. That said, I am going to make a concentrated effort to include great characters from more obscure games as they might not get much love otherwise. 

I am going to focus on Player Characters, especially the Player Characters of others who've been in campaigns I've GMed. As noted above, PCs of mine and NPCs will appear as well but will form a smaller number of posts. Given that I have been a Gamemaster for the majority of my time in the hobby, this only makes sense and comes as no surprise. There will also be a few characters who fall into the following odd categories. 1) A PC played by someone other than myself in a game I did not run. 2) An NPC in a game I did not run. 3) As the previous two but a game I did not participate in at all. 


It is a very common practice of mine to have former PCs become NPCs if they lived through their campaign and a follow up game is set in the same universe. This is just how I think - If X character became lord of so-and-so kingdom or set up a vacation home on such-and-such a planet at their campaign, then a campaign set in that same milieu will have to have them there at their respective locations or thereabouts. 

The characters are people who live in a world. If both the character and the world continue to exist then they can be encountered. 

If any of these characters is deceased, I will be sure to mention that. Otherwise, assume they're out there and just waiting for one of your characters to meet them...

Now let's get this party started...

First up...There's an Emergency going on. EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! It's still going on. Do not be alarmed. On second thought, go right ahead. It won't help but it's completely normal. ADAM has everything under control...except those things that are out of control

Barking Alien

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