Saturday, January 29, 2022

31 Days / 31 Characters - CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

So that's it, the 31 Days / 31 Characters is Over! I feel accomplished. Can't wait for next year. Now on to...

Hmm? What's that? Not finished?! Whatever do you mean? Oh,'re working on a linear concept of space/time. No worries. I will explain.

Last year I was only able to complete 17 entries. This year I really wanted to do 31 and successfully complete the challenge but unfortunately a number of factors slowed my progress. In addition to work (busier than ever), the regular games I run (three currently) and other concerns of Real LifeTM, there is the fact that I can often be an obsessive perfectionist. 

I didn't like my initial forays into this years challenge for various reasons; not enough or not the right images, a lack of accurate notes or information on a given character, etc. This is my 45th Anniversary year and everything this year has to be special, it has to be great. 

Why? No real reason other then that is what I told myself. Then I went and told all of you, so now I'm stuck holding my work to the most unreasonable of standards - my own. 

My friend Ray set me straight. He pointed out how hard I was making it on myself and how doing so tends to make me disillusioned with my endeavors. We've been friends a long time and he knows me well. He suggested that I instead work toward 14 entries for this year. Combined with the 17 from last year, the total number of character profiles would come to 31. With a feeling of accomplishment, I could mentally start clean in 2023.

Thanks Ray. I needed that. 

31 Days / 31 Characters:

ADAM - Red Dwarf / ALIEN RPG
Alexander D. Thorton - Ghostbusters
Arigon - Dungeons and Dragons
Black Adder - Mutants and Masterminds
Bo - Bunnies and Burrows
Carlacc Acen - Star Wars D6
Cat’s Meow, The - Gangbusters
CB Ramble - Car Wars
Ceren-Dee WindDrake - Dungeons and Dragons
Chicken - Red Dwarf / ALIEN RPG
David Myers - ALIEN RPG
Dietrich Armbuster - Gear Antique
Dusty Dibbs - Odd West
Emil Fujikawa - Traveller
Everyn Wolfshadow - Wares Blade
Fleeto Woff - Star Wars D6
GAMMA MAN - Villains and Vigilantes / Superheroes
Gates - Teenagers from Outer Space
Herek - Star Trek
Hyborian - Mutants and Masterminds
Ipperius Witspear - Dungeons and Dragons
Jet 'Ohana' Kahele - Mobile Suit Gundam / Mekton II
Jorran StarsByNight - Dungeons and Dragons
Kashpa - Star Wars D6
Kei Okami - Champions
Lance Gravity - Space Opera
Red Rider, The - Boot Hill / Various
Shade - Kapow!
Xerek Xeet - Star Trek

Hope you enjoyed reading about these characters as much as I enjoyed recalling them.

Next and lastly for January, a few last minutes thoughts...OK, a lot of last minute thoughts...

Barking Alien