Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here We Boldly Go Again

I'm in the mood for Star Trek...

Yeah that feeling is back and in a big way. I want to run Star Trek so bad I can practically taste the ejected plasma from the warp core.

When, where, how to run it and with whom remains to be seen.

Barking Alien


  1. Good Luck!!
    Game Long and Prosper!

  2. Star Trek is a feeling that just keeps coming back.

  3. I get the same feeling every year about this time...good luck with your task!

  4. The needs of the many rpg systems outweigh the needs of the one. :)

    Yeah, the thought of other systems always becomes a powerful lure every quarter it seems. Its that road not yet travelled (or at least, not that much travelled recently).

    I was partial to FASA's old Trek rpg. Heck, I'm partial to any old rpg I still have in a box somewhere. Good luck on your galaxy quest for a system. . .


  5. For me Star Trek is almost the road most travelled...just not recently. ;)

    I look forward to getting back to it since I haven't run a good long campaign of it in a while and I want to write up a few of our sessions as blog entries.

  6. Star Trek is always something I wanted to play. Way back in teh day Dragon ran an article on GMing tips for FASA's Star Trek and I was all inspired. Perhaps someday...

  7. Great article! Issue #180 I think. I have it and reread it every time I'm going to run a game.

  8. Don't tell me the issue#!

    Thanks, now I'll want to look it up and take the chance at being inspired! :)


  9. @Fred - Not sure yet. Usually in New York or New Jersey with my old NJ group + 1 (that one being one of my NYC buddies).

    Do we know each other Fred? Your name sounds familiar but I'm always better with faces.

  10. I started with FASA, did some Prime Directive, fell in love with LUG, learned to hate Decipher and then to appreciate it.

    I have done a little with Where No Man Has Gone Before and would love something else to use...

  11. >Do we know each other Fred?

    Sure, I played in your Traveller: Alpha Dawn game a couple of times. Hope all's well with you.

  12. I thought so!

    Man that game could've gone better. lol

    Not one of my prouder moments as a GM I can tell you. I was just...I don't somehow and couldn't get 'on' for the life of me. I took a three month GMing break (except for the occasional one-shot here and there) and then returned to the table with a totally kick ass Mutants & Masterminds campaign (9-12 players, 1 or 2 times a month). It rocked.

    I'd love to have you join in on a Star Trek game if you're free.

    Not I just have to put one together...

  13. I dunno, you've said that before, but I enjoyed those two sessions just fine; I bailed out of gaming for awhile for personal reasons which had exactly zero to do with your GMing. I still miss Hichio!

    I'd tentatively love to join the Trek game, but I don't know Jersey, and doubt I could reliably make it there. Manhattan, on the other hand...(Cafe 28's a good venue, for example; I've played NY Red Box there.)

  14. Actually there are two places we play at in Manhattan. One is the Compleat Strategist and the other is a secret, undisclosed location not far away, lol. Email me and we'll discuss it. barkingalien AT gee mail DOT com.

    If anyone else is interested please let me know! Wee! Potential new group.

    Also, I want to correct a previously erroneous piece of information. The Dragon Magazine article, "A Final Frontier of Your Own", By John Terra, is in issue #150.