Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Postcards From Memory Alpha

I'm finally starting to feel a little better and I hope to be blogging about something of meaning very shortly.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show off some of the material from my past Star Trek campaigns.
Back in one of my earliest posts on the subject of Star Trek gaming, I mentioned that I keep all the material from all my past games in a huge three-ring binder. The binder is divided into two main sections, a collection of the character sheets, rules notes and such and than an alphabetical listing of all the people, places, ships, aliens, devices, planets and whatever we encounter.

I've scanned in a few sheets here from that book/binder. These examples come from various campaigns and different eras of Star Trek history. I hope they come out clearly on the blog. Let me kow what you guys think.

This first image is of the PCs' ship the USS Gryphon from a TOS Era Campaign. Design by Masao Okazaki of the website Starfleet Museum.


A list of NPCs onboard the Gryphon. Seperated by department; Command Gold, Science Blue and Support (Engineering/Security) Red. Includes Name, Rank, Species, Most Important Stat/Skill and little notes like 'Grav-Racing Fan' or 'Plays 3D Chess'

Our local Starbase in that campaign, Starbase 19, aka Starbase Olympus Zeta. Another Okazaki design.

The front of a PC sheet belonging to my friend Lynn, featuring her Half-Human, Half-Orion Intelligence Officer Lt. Shilana Kincaid.

Page two of the same character sheet showing her past history and vessels she served on. Note some details of her assignments are classified.

Finally a custom bridge design, by me, based on a cool idea someone had for an Akira Class bridge.

Most of the artwork is taken from various sites on the internet, although in some cases I've modified them a bit. Some of the graphics are clip art meet Photoshop and there's also an original character sketch by one of my extremely talented players (that is a PC Character Record Sheet from one of my old campaign, shown front and back).That's all the time I have for now. Be well and stay warm,


Barking Alien



  1. Nice, thanks for sharing. You're giving me a compulsion to play in a Trek game. I'm only a casual Trek guy, but I do enjoy it quite a bit.

  2. I'm happy to spread the love anytime J.B. :)

    As I've mentioned in early posts, the setting is indeed a love of mine no question but the reason I find it such a good avenue for gaming is...

    PCs are part of a group from the start (No dumb ass meeting in a bar to awkwardly force the group to join up).

    The PCs are on the same quest even if they have different personal goals (They joined Starfleet to explore the galaxy and protect the Federation. Run with that).

    No arguing over who leads the party or who the 'caller' is as we used to say (The Captain. The Captain is the leader. Ranks descend from there).

    You have a cool, explorable 'Megadungeon' with you at all times. You live in it. It takes you places. It protects you and you, in turn, work to protect it. Remember, after the PCs the most important character in a typical Star Trek campaign is the ship.

    You take the familiar (Vulcans, Phasers, Color Coded Uniforms, Beam Me Up Scotty!) with you into the unknown (KEY: You don't need to be a Trekkie to play Trek. You need to be about as familiar as the average pop culture junkie. Armed with that info you go off and encounter ANYTHING).