Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anniversary's End and Renewed Celebration

August ends and with in my 34th gaming anniversary. I am joyous however, as I begin my journey toward 35 years.

It would seem Blogger is in one of its moods. If my stats were right yesterday and for part of today (they seem to be completely missing now), people were pretty intrigued by this whole Smurf thing. Cool. Oh, I'm sorry...I mean, "Smurfy!"

For my next trick (nothing up my sleeves), I am going with my buddy Lord Blacksteel's suggestion and making September "Messing with Games You Shouldn't" month. Although in all honesty there is no such game in my book. I'd mess with 'Go Fish' if I thought I could spruce the ol' girl up a bit.

Expect to see...wait for it...D&D By The Guy Who Doesn't Like D&D! A whole month of what I did to make my bowl of plain vanilla ice cream less boring while still making sure it remained vanilla ice cream.

Also, follow my (possibly incredibly foolish) attempt to get a Superhero RPG campaign going over skype. One of my very best bad ideas.

I would love to do reviews of the New DC Universe 52 titles but that would mean I'd have to read them and I really can't drum up the enthusiam for such an endeavour after reading JLA #1.

Let's just say it was...well...plain vanilla is an example of something I use to represent blandness. This issue (the first of a new series meant to hook you into buying the next issues) isn't quite exciting and interesting enough to reach for the lofty goal of plain vanilla.

Now, I am off to continue my smurftastic smurfiness...smurf you soon,

Barking Alien

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