Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forever Blue - Part 2

There are 105 known Smurfs according to Smurf 'canon'. That's 99 Smurfs plus Papa, Grandpa, Nanny, Baby, Smurfette and Sassette. At the same time, there are well over 1000 Smurf figurines. We've seen Cowboy Smurf, Judge Smurf, Supersmurf, Sports Smurfs of all sorts of sports and many, many more. How can this be?

Simple, yet something I only recently realized while researching the Smurf figures as an element of my studies into Smurfology...

This is Jokey Smurf...

but so is this...

This is Brainy Smurf...

but so is this...

Many of the Smurf figurines are not actually separate characters but one of the well known Smurfs (or perhaps one of the general populace Smurfs) temporarily wearing a different outfit.

Inspired by the figurines and my rules for
Costumes in my Muppets RPG, Smurf PCs can adopt 'Outfits' that temporarily give them different Knacks or add a bonus to their current knacks. If you want to start out with an Outfit you begin the game with only half your normal starting SMURF! Spacey Smurf is definitely going to do this as he needs his gear to be effective and not just a 'Space Cadet' so to speak. I choose Rocket Ranger as his starting Outfit, giving him a +1 on his Flying and Ray Gun Knacks. A +1 added to a +1 Knack results in a +2 to the numbers he rolls on his dice (duh). However (not so duh after all!), a +1 added to a +2 already becomes a whole additional die, i.e. +1D. A +1 added to a +1D Knack becomes 1D+1.

While I will give a more detailed and clearer explanation on this under die mechanics in an upcoming post, anyone who has played Star Wars D6 or similar dice pool systems will tell you that if you changed +1 and +2 to a combined +3 it's better than having a additional whole die so the rules of those types of games simply bump you up a die.

To obtain additional Outfits you must after character creation you must either find them, or earn them as part of Boons. That is, if you sent up a Boon where you owe someone something, be it a favor, item or service, you can make an Outfit the reward for the Boon. Consult with the Game Master (Smurf Master? Game Smurfer?) as to what is an appropriate trade for the type of Outfit you're looking for. If the Outfit grants you different Knacks it should be a bit harder to come by (harder task owed, trade item more difficult to obtain, etc.).

Note that when you put on an Outfit that gives you new Knacks, your regular Knacks disappear, although your Trait remains the same. For example, Sporty Smurf's Trait is 'Competitive'. He is wearing his Baseball Player Outfit but no one wants to play Baseball with him so he switches to Soccer. His Trait is still Competitive but his Baseball Knacks (Pitching, Batting and Running) switch to Soccer Knacks (Kicking, Block with My Head and Running). If any of these match his normal Knacks, that is, his Knacks without any Costume, he gets a +1 to that Knack.

Any questions? OK, onward and smurfward...

Barking Alien

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  1. Clever! The real question is: who's the Smurf that likes dress-up so much he's got the cowboy and judge outfits?

  2. Well actually, the Judge figure is a 'Brainy Smurf' figure. Not sure on the Cowboy.

    It's interesting to note that the Sports motiff Smurfs, of which there are a lot, may represent many different Smurfs in Outfits or there may actually be a Sporty or Champion Smurf.

    A figure called Champion Smurf, looking more like a general Smurf with a few minor accessories as opposed to a having a unique costume, has been produced several times. In one instance he was surrounded by the different colored rings that represent the Olympics. In another he had a gold medal and a wreath of green leaves.