Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cure For The Summer Time Blues

OK've got to trust me on this one. I did right by you guys with the Muppets didn't I? Come on, have a little faith. My next thing-that-should-be-an-RPG-but-shouldn't-but-sooo-should...

The Smurfs Role Playing Game

I got this. I so smurfing got this.

Barking Alien

FYI - Pictured above...Chivalry Smurf, Shadow Smurf and Sherpa Smurf.


  1. Oh smurf! Barking Alien is going to smurfing smurf us to death.

    I blame Erin Palette.

    - Ark (eagerly awaiting the smurf-alanche, but not admitting it to anyone.)

  2. Smurf-tastic! I was smurfing for something abso-smurfly smurfy to smurf. Glad you smurfed about this smurfy game idea!

  3. I love this tidbit from Wikipedia: "In Schtroumpf vert et vert Schtroumpf (see Smurf Versus Smurf), published in Belgium in 1972, it was revealed that the village was divided between North and South, and that the Smurfs on either side had different ideas as to how the term "smurf" should be used: for instance, the Northern Smurfs called a certain object a "bottle smurfer," while the Southern Smurfs called it a "smurf opener." This story is considered a parody on the still ongoing taalstrijd (language war) between French and Dutch-speaking communities in Belgium."

    Looking forward to your smurfing smurfness.

  4. Heh.

    It's amazing what brings out the interest of gamers isn't it?

    Post something on your first Traveller character and get no comments.

    Mention you're going to talk about a Smurf RPG and people can't wait to discuss.

    I love this hobby. ;)

  5. I made (a half-assed attempt at) a SMURFS RPG back in...1996 or so. I wrote kind of an outline, and created a pair of ads to go in the back: One pitching a Snorks RPG, and one promising a Paw-Paw Bears game would never come out.

  6. Those Smurfs have no feet... does that mean they're Japanese ghost Smurfs?

    And really, the Snorks should be a playable race in the inevitable(kinda lame) aquatic expansion splatbook.

    > I blame Erin Palette.

    This is a splendid position and one which I heartily approve. I should be blamed for more things.

    Also, now I have a hankering for a My Little Pony/ Smurfs crossover.

  7. 'appiness is little blue squishy-marks on th' bottom o' me hobnail boots.

  8. @Happy Whisk - Seriously?

    @Erin - They have feet, just tiny ones. I was/am playing around a bit with ways of depicting the little blue buggers so they look a tad more faerie/gnome like.

    These doodles are based on the work of Final Fantasy and Tactics Ogre artist Akihiko Yoshida. I like his style for illustrating chibi (tiny) versions of the characters.

    @RavenFeast - You're just a big ol' meanie. :P

  9. Alien: No. It just made me giggle when I asked the question. Although I did have a girl at work ask me who Wonder Woman was and ... she was most serious.

    Oh the pain.

  10. Sigh.

    If you're going to tap into movies this week it couldn't be Cowboys and Aliens or Planet of the Apes?


    I had to disown one of my boys over the weekend because he walked through the theater lobby singing that song very loudly after the movie. Just as I begin to recover from that trauma I awaken to find THIS!


    I always thought that GURPS Smurfs was the definitive work on the subject. Or it should have been, because it's kind of fun to say.

    And really, how many rules do you need? Alright it's ICONS SMURFS, you get a "2" in each physical attribute, roll randomly for the mental attributes, and you choose one quality which is also your name. Go!

    See? Done. Next topic please.

    : )

  11. @Blacksteel - You're not that far off.

    Actually, the mechanics are the least of my concerns when it comes to The Smurfs (oh who am I kidding, when it comes to every game).

    What I have in mind focuses more on world building. When you look too closely at the Smurfs world it starts to get just a

    The kind of 'off' that makes for good gaming.

  12. get the smurf out of here? smurfin did it..oh im going to have a smurfing good time rolling die and playing gargamel....