Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blast From The Past - My First Gamma World Character

My first Gamma World PC No clue.

About the only thing I remember about my first Gamma World character was that he may have been a mutated raccoon or posseum and he was killed by a plant monster of some kind.


See, Gamma World characters, especially 1st Edition Gamma World characters, were not meant to be memorable 34 years later. They were not that important. The system that created them was meant to generate a freaky, super creature with bizarre, acid trip powers and weaknesses that would fight other freaky super creatures and most likely perish. Nine times out of ten when I talk to people about Gamma World they can't remember their characters but they can almost always remember how they were killed.

While I do wax nostalgic on GW every once in a while, it's not one of the games I really want to play again or miss playing. Perhaps as I one shot, yes, that would be fun but it's just not the kind of thing I want to pull out for a campaign.

My longest lived guy was from the second or third edition (I forget exactly) and he lasted the entire campaign (some 12 sessions or so). He was a mutant ram with spine/quills like a porcupine. He was pretty bad ass.

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  1. I hear about frequent character death in GW and I never really ran into that as much as some other people did. Heck, starting characters circa 2E had the hit points of 10th level or more D&D characters, and weapon damages were not that terrible at low levels. I am happy to see GW get a mention here though. I'm still toying with picking up the new one to try it out but I haven't taken the plunge yet.