Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Big Smurf - Part 2

Continuing my recap of the first session of my new Smurfs campaign...
[Cut to the Smurf's Mushroom Village]

I ask the Players what their PCs are up to and where they are in the village.

Detective Smurf is at Brainy's, repaying a Boon by helping Brainy move heavy piles of books from one bookcase to another. Brainy gave Detective a magnifying glass so Detective owed him. Lots of funny banter, role playing and I got to do my mediocre but not terrible Brainy impression.

Insano is trying to invent something that will make a flash of light and thunder sound every time the front door of his house is opened. Apparently he borrowed Handy's saw to do it. When Handy arrives to get his saw back he discovered Isano is not using the saw to saw anything but shaking it vigorously in various ways to produce the thunder sound (classic radio sound effect trick).

Handy almost has a smurf attack and passes out and the use of his saw for un-saw-like purposes. Lots of funny banter, role playing and Insano reveals his campaign long build a giant robot! By giant he him. Thirty apples tall! Muhuwahaha! So...almost to Gargamel's knee. We're thinking about the size of the old Shogun Warrior toys.

Snarky is walking through mocking those Smurfs who don't have distinct identities yet. He visits with the few Smurfs who can stand him like Jokey and Grouchy (Weird right?).

Expert is home making notes on various Smurf traditions, foods, holidays and other bits of Smurf cultural knowledge. He then places the notes into his hat and his hat on his head. These notes will be saved for later use.

Eventually, Spacey Smurf (NPC) approaches each PC Smurf (except Snarky) and tells them that Papa Smurf wants to see them. He doesn't recall why. Honestly, he wasn't paying attention.

Eventually the PCs gather at Papa Smurf's crib and proceed to act like kids in a candy store. Insano is looking at the potions and books on alchemy, Expert is noting anything of value on Smurf lore and Detective, being 'Curious' is looking at EVERYTHING! With some effort Papa calms them down long enough to let them know why they were summoned...

While gathering herbs and other ingredients late the night before, Papa and Spacey (there as a guard and guide since he has a magic Ray Gun and can navigate by the stars) came across a number of animals asleep in the woods. This was no ordinary sleep and the Smurfs could not awaken them. Papa returned to the village to brew up a potion he thinks may save the animals who will surely starve and wither away. He needs the PC Smurfs to travel to the spot where the animals are because...

Detective may find clues as to the cause that Papa didn't see.
Insano will know if it was Science and not Magic and he is kind of a Doctor.
Expert is a jack of all trades type with ability to help his fellow Smurfs.

Spacey will guide them to the spot which is currently hidden by a spell from Papa so no Humans or other animals come upon the sleeping creatures by mistake.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf's house is surrounded by all the village's other Smurfs trying to peak in and see what's up (just like in the cartoon). One such Smurf is Snarky who decides he is definitely needed on this mission as these Smurfs are all wack jobs who'll probably get themselves smurfed before they can do a lick of good.

We'll be right back after these messages...

Barking Alien

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