Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Big Smurf - Part 3

With little time to think, let alone blog, a few things did pop into my head in the rare space of quiet between the end of my day and needing to go to bed...

I don't like the way I recap.

It's too long winded and much more like telling a story than really recapping an adventure. Granted, my adventures are more cooperative, interactive storytelling type sessions than they are traditional games but still. I don't think I really convey the games as I should and as I want to.

Also, so much happens in even a relatively short session of a humorous game that I end up getting bored retelling the adventure when I'd rather talk about something new. My brain doesn't like or do well with staying on the same subject for too long.

So...Reader's Digest version:

The Smurf party of Expert, Detective, Insano, Spacey and Snarky head off into the wilderness to locate the mysteriously sleeping animals found by Papa Smurf and Spacey the night before. The group is carrying with them a potion that may wake them

Before finding the animals, they come upon a hunter/trapper in the forest and decide (completely without me) that Smurfs are 'Guardians of the Forests' and its creatures and they don't appreciate a hunter hunting so close to their village. As the Smurfs plan a way to use Detective's Magnifying Glass and a crosshair made of twigs to improve Spacey's aim with his Ray Gun (hoping to damage the hunter's bow), Snarky walks right up to the fellow and goes into a long speech about whether or not the hunter has the correct permits, if he is licensed to use a bow and arrow in part of the country, etc.

The others realize what he is doing and while they can't believe he walked off to engage the Human directly, they are kind of impressed. They suggest he be renamed Bureaucrat Smurf or Litigious Smurf. Meanwhile, Snarky walks around the hunter as he talks, causing the hunter to turn to follow him. Snarky therefore ends up setting up the shot, which Spacey takes with his newly built Targeting Smurf (Scope). Zap-Poof-Cracked and the hunter gets a crispy bow.

Snarky tells the Hunter to be gone as he (Snarky) did that with his magic and he can do it again. At some point in his conversation with the hunter, Snarky lets out that he is a Smurf. The hunter tries to grab him in a sack, suddenly spurred on instead of frightened by Snarky's 'magic powers'. Snarky threatens to do it again and than snaps his fingers for effect. Spacey takes a second shot at the sack which immediately receives a burning hole. The hunter panics for real this time and runs off.

Expert confers with a wood nymph after hearing Spacey recount that at one point in their journey the day before Papa Smurf, 'Stopped to talk to a tree'. Being an expert on Smurf, Expert is well aware of the close relationship between Smurfs and other fee (faeries) of the woods. The wood nymph warns the Smurfs of a strange patch of shadowy fog she witnessed near her tree(s) and an additional group of sleeping animals the party was not aware of.

Eventually the Smurfs find the magically hidden animals as well as the new batch. A very light dusting of some golden powder is discovered by Insano, especially in the eyes of the larger sleeping beasts. Insano tries to use Papa's potion to awaken one of the smaller critters. It works but the poor little creature almost asphyxiates, trying to breathe in several days of air as quickly as possible.

Insano is able to calm the creature down a bit which helps but he believes a better solution is taking some of the golden dust and mixing it into the waking potion. He tests his theory on another animal and it seems to work. Rather than risking it failing to help one of the larger beasties (a deer), Insano and the gang decide on returning to the village and conveying their findings to Papa Smurf.

That's all for now. We'll find out what happens in a month.

Barking Alien

*The waking potion was described as having the odor of tea made from smelling salts, ginger, and the scent of burnt cola**. It was jokingly described as strong enough to 'wake the dead'. Insano took a drop or two into his own personal vial and said, "Hmmm. Wake the dead, eh? I'll have to try that some time..."

**I have smelled burnt cola. Nasty.

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