Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't Think

Please forgive my slow down on posting yet again.

I am just too exhausted from work, trying to stay alive in this insane (but awesome) city and other obligations to form coherent thoughts on gaming at the moment.

I am also fighting hard not to lose my enthusiasm for Supers gaming in light of
DC Comics New 52. Honestly, I've been checking out as much as I can stomach each week and...I just have nothing left in me to vomit up.

OK, I am exaggerating but sadly, only a little.

One of my upcoming posts was going to be a review of this mess but for now let's just say, "No, no sir. I don't like it."

There are a handful of good books in the mix, like tiny pearls in the mouths of oysters that can only be found by pour through tons of dead and rotten fish. Check out Batwing, Batwoman and, believe it or not, Aquaman.

Anyway, off to work as always. More to come soon...I hope.

Barking Alien


  1. Don't give up on your Supers game. Your previous posts inspired me to get mine going again. I just finished another installment of a homebrew DC Heroes (Blood of Heroes version) game.

    I agree on the 52.

  2. Thanks man.

    Truth is I love comics, I love superheroes and I love running Supers games.

    I just wish there was a bit more inspirational material being made.