Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Old Switcheroo

Sorry gang, I'm having a tough time getting pumped regarding the idea of blogging about my D&D world.

I'm just not in a D&D frame of mind. I was. Now I'm not. I rarely stay in that frame of mind long. One more contributing factor to why I don't run the game very often. I probably will be again. Maybe soon.

Right now, I'm still on a major Superhero riff.


Anyone want to hear about my upcoming Skype DC Adventures Campaign?

Barking Alien


  1. Disqualified! You're going to be in the game. lol

  2. I have trouble sticking with rpg ideas also.

    What system are you using for your skype game?

  3. DC Adventures/Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition as they are, after all, one and the same.

    I don't have trouble sticking with some ideas.

    D&D isn't one of them.