Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Material May Not Be Suitable For The Uncool

What rating do you get if you mostly talk about Role Playing Games based on Star Trek, Superhero Comic Books, The Muppets and Smurfs?

PG. Apparently, before viewing my blog, it is recommended that you get your own proton generator. Good safety tip. Thanks Egon.

I am not surprised by this rating. Actually, I'm pretty proud of it. I received it because I used the word kill once and porn twice (dagnabbit! Just used them both again! D'oh!). I have no doubt that latter was used only to refer to Zak's site (so if your Mom and/or Dad don't let you come here, blame Zak).

Again, pretty happy with this. See kids, you don't have to cuss to be entertaining.

Later Days,

Barking Alien

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