Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim Henson!

Today marks what would've been Jim Henson's 75th Birthday.


There is no way I can ever say enough about the talent and creativity of this man and how much he inspired the same in me. All I can do is raise a glass, most likely containing Root Beer, and say Happy Birthday Jim, wish we were celebrating with you.

Google has done an interactive
'Google Doodle' to commerate the day and it's kind of nifty so take a look and mess with it won't you.

Thanks all, thanks to play Champions,

Barking Alien

*RECESS UPDATE: It looks like both of my games have indeed been approved for the NerdNYC RECESS event on October 8th. I will be running The Muppets RPG in the early slot (12-4pm) and The Smurfs RPG in the later slot (6-11pm I think).

Come one, come all!

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