Friday, August 9, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - CRITICAL

When it comes to games, I can be Critical. 

More so than in any other aspect of my life, I am particularly driven to analyze the positive and negative aspects of RPGs; how they're written, illustrated, produced, run, and played. 

While I always give credit where credit is due and I'm overjoyed to point out what works and what gamers and designers have done right, I can be equally zealous in describing what might be wrong [in my opinion]. 

I can be harsh. I have, in the past, been rather scathing on more than one occasion. It was never my intention to hurt anyone's feelings but feelings were hurt nonetheless. I definitely wish I hadn't been so tough with certain GMs and players who may have been more sensitive to my style of criticism than I realized. I do apologize.

I take nothing back though. I never said anything I didn't mean. However, perhaps I should be clear why I meant what I said. It's because I care. I have a real passion for this hobby. I absolutely love it and I work really hard to make sure I put together the best possible game I can. I do this by taking a long, hard look at the systems, participants, and any and all other factors that I think might contribute to it's success. 

When I see a player or Gamemaster do great things I am exhilarated. When I see people capable of great things do mediocre things, or weak things, or make it difficult for me to do my best, I am going to tell them. I am not going to sugar coat it, or dance around it, as I don't think that's fair to them, their fellow gamers, myself, or the game. 

Trust me when I say that if I have ever been rough on you, your game, or anything about your approach to the hobby, you have gotten off easily. I am ten times more Critical with myself than I am with anyone else or their work. Anyone who has gamed with me for any solid length of time knows no one is more Critical of me than me. 

Sure, I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself. I should give me a break and go a little easier on me. Well that's not going to happen. I have vowed to go easier on everyone else as no one should have to live up to the crazy high standards I set for myself. However, my standards remain in place. 

I may be Critical, but for me, Critical works. It's the difference between a Critical Hit, and a Critical Failure.

Barking Alien

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