Wednesday, August 14, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - GUIDE

Approaching this one as I have the others so far, 'Word Prompt via Word Association', is proving to be tricky. Nothing in really comes to mind. I wish I had someone or something, like a more experienced blogger or a manual, that could lead me in a particular direction. You know like a...wait a minute...

A Guide is a generally a person or book that directs you to a place or through a task. A Guide helps you accomplish something that would otherwise be difficult to do on your own. A model kit's painting Guide tells you the correct colors to use and where they go on the model. A tour Guide takes you along a path and shows you all the famous sites of a city or other famous location. 

These are great if you want to paint the model 'accurately' to match it's real world appearance or see the parts of a place you're visiting that you know already know from the brochures. 

What if you want a custom paint job? What if you want to eat where the locals eat in the cool neighborhoods the tourists done know about? Is there a Guide for that? If so, that's the Guide I want to hire. 

I am not much for Guides you see. Not really. I prefer to figure things out on my own. Give me the tools, maybe some suggestions, and I will figure it out. I don't mind help, it's not about pride or ego but rather I learn better by doing. I want to develop my own view points, my own opinions, and my own style. 

The rulebooks give you the rules and tell you how to play, and sure my first GM helped but he was younger than me and just as new at the hobby. His first game was mine as well. His older brother helped him understand the rules but didn't really 'Guide' him. We, he, the other players, and I developed our comprehension of the RPGing together. This is why, to this day, my style in the little different from the norm. 

My Guidance to others is this, let your conscience, creativity, and dedication be your Guide. 

Barking Alien 

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