Thursday, August 1, 2019

RPGaDay Challenge 2019 - FIRST

The first prompt on the first day of RPGaDay 2019 is FIRST. How meta.

I've already posted so many Firsts on this blog that I am not sure which First to talk about first. I am not even sure I need to discuss all my Firsts again when I first discussed them in the past. Quite a conundrum.

There was the first time I played a Role Playing Game and my first character. You can see that here.

There is the first campaign I ever ran. That story is here.

My first Star Trek campaign occurred in 1982, when the FASA game came out. It's mentioned here.

My first Star Wars campaign was run before there was an official Star Wars RPG. Check this out.

There was the story of the first Traveller game I played and the first character I made for that game. 

My first Villains & Vigilantes character (and the ones that never were) are here.

Oh wait, you'll love this - the first time I came up with the idea of a Muppets RPG and what happened after. Take a look here

I mean...damn. That's already a lot of firsts. I could probably spotlight another dozen. As I noted in the beginning, the Barking Alien blog is big on firsts. 

But now I wonder...if this first post for RPGaDay 2019 was about First, and Firsts, that is the first time I've done things, is the first thing I thought of, did I miss an opportunity to do or say something new for the first time?

Oh well. First things first.

Barking Alien

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