Thursday, February 25, 2021

Get In The Robot

Twelves years ago this past Tuesday I started my Barking Alien blog and I thank all of you out there once again for taking any part of this journey with me. If you're a regular fan, a now and than visitor, or just popped by recently to check it out, I am really happy to have you here. Seriously, I can not convey how pleased I am that you took the time to give this place a looksee. I hope you enjoyed yourself, my specific brand of weirdness, and that you'll come back around again soon. 

That said, this post is directed at another milestone which occurred ten years ago this coming March. 

You see, in March of 2011 I dedicated an entire month of posts to Jim Henson's Muppets and how to run and play a Muppets Role-Playing Game. This bit of insanity was the most well received, highly viewed month in the blog's entire history. It lead to Barking Alien being mentioned on non-RPG sights, specifically The Muppet Mindset and a few others dedicated to the Muppets. I playtested the game at the RECESS Game Day event in New York City and then received requests from attendees and the staff alike to run it again...and again...and again.

If you've never read those posts, I humbly suggest doing so. Absolutely some of the best material I've ever written for this blog  - or anywhere for that matter - and the perfect companion to the Disney+ release of all five seasons of The Muppet Show. I am very proud of March 2011.

Eventually, the rules I used lead me to develop my own independent RPG, still available through DriveThruRPG, entitled The Googly Eyed Primetime Puppet Show Role Playing Game. If you haven't checked it out, please do. It's a great game for kids, adults who want to laugh, and adults and kids to laugh with each other. 

With that...

This coming March I am going to attempt a similar though quite different full month RPG project. It is less focused and specific, covering a genre more than a single IP, but it is something near and dear to my heart. In addition, it is my hope that by the end of March I will have a complete RPG that I can sell through 

Customized Mecha from Bandai Spirits' 30 Minutes Missions series.


That's right my RPG Otaku! I am putting my Mecha where my mouth is - which to be honest sounds rather painful. Nonetheless, my love of Japanese Anime, Manga, and building-sized, humanoid machines will combine next month to give you all the chance to battle it out using the LEAST tactically oriented Giant Robot game of all time! 

Yep, you read that right. A very different take on the Japanese Anime Mecha genre in RPGs where instead of being focused on Action Economy, Ammo, and Range, we focus on Cool Visuals, Anime/Manga Tropes, and does Sempai like me now that's I'm a GIant Robot Pilot?

In addition to introducing you to the Mecha System Variant RPG TM - my 12 year old, homebrew Giant Robot system - I am going to include my recently developed campaign setting, This Mecha Life TM.

Expect things to get odd.

I hope you'll all join me. Ganbatte!

Barking Alien

Before I forget, this doesn't mean I am stopping work on my Dice Fiction / Yokai Hunter Society conversion. I am definitely going to keep working on that. Sugoi! 

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  1. I look forward to this. The mecha genre is as much about the emotions and relationships of the pilots and supporting characters as it is about the big giant robots, and I don't think many rpgs have emphasised that side of things.