Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Twelves Years of Barking Alien!

Today is the day!
Happy Anniversary to BARKING ALIEN!

Apparently silk is the popular gift for a 12th anniversary
so I decided to get Barkley a silk kimono.

I think he looks pretty good in it don't you?

My first post to the Barking Alien blog was posted February 23rd, 2009. It seems like forever ago. At the same time, didn't I just do an entire month of Muppets RPG posts? No, that was 2011. Oh geez. What about the first Thorough Thursday entry? That couldn't have been too long...2015, huh? The first Campaigns I Have Known post was 2016?


As I noted at the beginning of the month, it really has been a long, strange trip. I wouldn't change it for the world (or perhaps worlds). Thanks to this block I've made a number of great friends both in-person and online, been mentioned in blog articles in Spain and Poland, run official demo games at conventions, been involved in events and YouTube interviews, taught at a tutoring center using games, and published my very own RPG.  I've gotten to speak with some amazing bloggers, brilliant game designers, and a host of truly creative people who really love this hobby. 

I want to thank and give a special shout out to Charles ALord BlackSteel, Tim Knight, and the incomparable WQRobb, who have gotten me excited to keep going when I wasn't sure I should. Likewise I thank JBJeff Rients, and Noisms for their continuing inspiration and dedication to gaming and blogging. If I hadn't read yours, I might not have created mine. 

I also need to thank the friends, players and GMs in my life who make this pastime what it is. I heartfelt hug to AJ, Alex, Andy, Arthur, Carl, Chris, Craig, Dan, David, Esmeralda, all the Erics, Jeff, John, Joseph., Keith, Leo, Lynn, Marcus, Mark, Mike, Nick, Ray H., Selina W., Will C., Will L., and far too many others. 

Finally, a posthumous salute to those we've lost in the past dozen years who I could among the greatest gamers I've ever had the privilege to know: David Cotton. Allen Halden. Peter Hernandez III. I miss you guys so much. 

With that, here's to another twelve years and new horizons...

Barking Alien


  1. Oooh...happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. Congratulations! A barking dozen! And thank you so much for including me in such illustrious company. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the next 12 years... and beyond.

  3. A late congratulations from me sir. It's heartening to drop by and see you're still exploring.