Sunday, December 26, 2021

Excite Me

REVISED (A little)

I've been really invested in my Ghostbusters RPG idea lately, possibly obsessively, to the point where views and comments are down of late. Although that may be typical for this time of year, I'm sure my readers are thinking, 'When is he going to talk about something else?'

When something else excites me. 

This has been a year with some really great movies, streaming shows, Anime and American Animated projects, there any cool RPGs this year? There was The Colonial Marines Sourceboik for the ALIEN RPG but that's a supplement to an admittedly awesome game,, not a new game all its own. The Troubleshooters and Picaresque Roman were released but...hmmm. Nothing that's really grabbed me the way this Ghostbusters idea has. 

I am sure to get juiced up by The Book of Boba Fett - haven't run an ongoing Star Wars game in a while - but it is so hard getting everyone of the same page (no pun intended) with Star Wars. I usually end up disappointed. 

I was super inspired by Spiderman: No Way Home to run a Marvel game but the newest version of a Marvel RPG isn't out until next March if I recall.

My long time, ongoing work on a Dark Crystal RPG just needs the official Adventure Game to come out so I can see if that's what I'll be using. 

The Goblin Slayer TRPG is due to be translated and released in the US sometime in February or a bit after, one of the few things that might get me to give that sort of Fantasy another go. 

Free League is doing a Bladerunner TRPG with the same mechanics as ALIEN so yeah, that I'm excited about though it's a ways away.

Other than that...huh. I am just not feeling it. And that is just it friends, I gotta feel it. The sparks need to fly, the magic needs to race through me in order for me to get jazzed enough to run a particular game. Without that I can't even begin to picture working on something. If I don't have that need to do a thing my head asks, 'Why bother doing that thing?', and I don't have a good answer. 

For the time being, Ghostbusters is where it's at. 

Maybe next year, I'll be 'at' something else.

Barking Alien


  1. If you're inspired to play a marvel game, you can always use the classic FASERIP system. Free to download and there is a group that has published over 60 additional supplements over the last 5 years for it. Lots of great stuff available. If you're on FB, look for the MSH RPG Unofficial Canon Project group.

    1. I appreciate the heads up but I've never been a big fan of FASERIP. I've run one long campaign of it and it was fun but I am really curious what Marvel can do with its own property this time out.

      Happy Holidays!