Saturday, January 28, 2012

Champions Defeated...Temporarily

Today is the second time in a row and perhaps the fourth time since the first weekend in Janurary that my players have bailed on me at the last second for our Champions game.

End result, Champions is on indefinite hiatus while I explore something else with other players. Unfortunately, I don't know what game with what other players, so I am currently in GM limbo.

This makes me very depressed. Aside from not having a current game to run, I was really, really enjoying this campaign.

Insert sad, super powered, green puppy howl.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Barking Alien

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  1. Ah that does suck.

    Do you have some options in mind for your "Space 1999 + 13" campaign yet?

  2. Indeed I have some great ideas for such a campaign but I am not sure what to do with them for the reason mentioned above.

    What do you mean when you say 'options'?

  3. I mainly meant player/venue/timeslot options. I know you play some at the store there, - wasn't sure if that was your plan or not.

  4. The thought has occured to me to return to my stomping grounds and play at the Compleat Strategist. My concerns are...

    Is this the right game for the Strat Group? Is it too cerebral? (Not that these guys can't DO cerebral but butt-kicking tends to be their preferred activity).

    The problem with playing at the Strat is the limitations of time. Only certain Saturdays are open and available and even then the place is only open from 11am to 6 pm.

    Since people usually show up late and you have to breakdown by 5:30 pm, you're lucky to get 4 hours of real gaming in.

    I've posted by opinion on that before. Surface to say, I could take a train down there, buy food in the area and leave 4 hours later or I could stay home and play an MMO, draw, write and blog. Tough call.

    Still, it may be better than nothing.

  5. Yeah I know what you mean. The FLGS's around here are only open til 7 most weeknights which means I won't be playing or running there. Even D&D Encounters, the national weekly in-store thing is on Wednesday nights and for some of us that means extra kid activity and for a lot of people down here that's a church night which cuts things down even more. Weekends are either kid-heavy or I'm running for my regular group so not a lot of time there either.

    I think you are right to wonder about that type of game and that environment. I would think a striaght-up Supers game where anyone can join and anyone can miss would be ideal - think large-roster super team and a lot of single-session adventures for awhile, a purely episodic approach. It's a good time and you could invite some of the players to your somewhat more specialized game that you run at some other time and place.

    I count myself lucky in having both a regular longtime group of grown-ups and then also having the Apprentices to experiment with (on?) as well.

    EN World has a campaign/event locator feature where you can list a time and location for your games. Posting something up for TCS might draw in some victims. I know it's mainly a D&D site but some of the people there do play other things. I need to update mine, that's one reason I thought of it. It's where one of my current regulars found me so I can say it does work.

    No regular game = unhappy with situation for me so I know it sucks. Keep us posted. If you try the online thing again let some of us know too.

  6. What? Space 1999 + 13? Tell me more.