Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Month And Two New Years Later

If this is the first month of the last year on Earth, I think it's gotten off to a pretty interesting start. You just can't beat a 'Year of the Dragon' for excitement and luck now can you?

While it's true my main game is going by the wayside, I think the potential for a new one is wide open and I'm very excited about the opportunities.

I began this month by discussing IPs and licensed games and indeed I have a new IP game concept or two waiting in the wings but I may hold off on discussing them just a little longer.

Instead, I would like to focus a bit on some of my newer game ideas, especially my projects for eventual publishing, my supernatural game idea which I've wanted to talk about forever and maybe, finally, a bit more about some of my favorite new indie games that some of you may not be familiar with.

Don't worry, we have until December before the Mayan Calendar ends and destroys us all. I'm sure I'll have time to get to everything.

Barking Alien

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