Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Giant Leap For Mankind...More Like A Stumble In The Dark

Is this my next big game idea...

Hmmm...could be.

"We' re all aliens...until we get to know one another."

Barking Alien


  1. You are not going to send the moon hurtling off to go visit a new solar system every week, are you?

    - Ark

  2. "We're all aliens...until we get to know one another."

    And then we find each other truly incomprehensible.

  3. @Ark - And why not? Just kidding. No, my idea is a bit different.

    @Narmer - Sad but probably true.

  4. I think you could do better on the name. It's pretty generic - especially if you're not using the moon!

    How about Space 2099? Keeps the theme and adds in the chance of some nice Marvel crossovers too : )

  5. http://www.space2099.tv/index2.htm

  6. RavenFeast called it.

    I was aware of the Space:2099 project and wanted something distinctly separate. Also, I have an in-story reason for the title.

    Plus...um...pretty generic? That was the name of the series. Star Trek is pretty generic too but if I was running a game in that universe I wouldn't say I'm playing 'Blazing Point Wagon Train'.

  7. 'Blazing Point Wagon Train'! I am so going to use that. Don't know how, don't know when, but it WILL BE USED!

  8. The title I remember is Space 1999. I wasn't aware of the 2099 version I'm guessing it was another title for it or a revival or something but my point was "Space 2012" is pretty bland. You can do better. Look at the games you mentioned in an earlier post - "Carnage Amongst the Stars" - that's got some flavor. Flavor it!

    I can't think of another series that used the word "Trek" in the title so I'm going to disagree with you there.

    "Blazing Point Wagon Train" is clearly a Rifts campaign name anyway, but that's not a bad start.

  9. Blacksteel...I am guessing you're joking but you've totally lost me.

    Carnage Amongst The Stars is an RPG.
    InSpace is a Sci-Fi variant on the RPG InSpectres.
    Space:1999 was a TV show.
    Space:2099 was an idea for a revival/sequel to said show.

    Space:2012 is my idea for a campaign set in the Space:1999 universe...wait for it...13 years later.

    I could come up with a better name but why would I? I would lose the connection to Space:1999.

    There are some other details that make it special but I am reluctant to discuss them because (A) my players might see this before I can run it, (B) I may never get to run it so why bother and (C) you seem confused and perhaps sleepy. O_o

    @RavenFeast - Were you there when I challenged Ken to an Anime/Manga Naming Dare? I basically told him, "Give me any set of criteria for an Anime or Manga or a RPG campaign based on such and I will come up with a name."

    So Ken says, "OK...you play Victorian era mecha pilots protecting England from...gothic horror sea-monsters"

    "Ah", I replied, "I love that show. You're referring to Sub-Machine Steam Attack Navy VALORIA."

    When I need to I can spew out some crazy-a** names. Go ahead and take BPWT. I got a million more where that came from.

    I like Space:2012. A rose by any other name and all that...

  10. I am aware of Carnage and InSpectres/InSpace and that they are RPG's, and I'm well aware of what Space 1999 is - I had several of the toys etc and watched the show as a kid.

    My point was that when I see a campaign called "Space 2012" I don't automatically connect that to Space 1999 the way that I would connect, say, Space 1889 (an actual RPG from the 80's)or as I suggested, Space 2099. "Space 2012" sounds like a generic space campaign set ... now. It doesn't make me think of any connection to the TV show. It makes me think generic uncreative campaign placeholder name like "Fantasy 2012" or "Supers 2012".

    Maybe if you made a cover/logo/header for it and stuck a picture of an eagle (the ship, not the bird) behind it then it would make a stronger connection.

    If you're happy with it, then no worries.

  11. Ah ok, I get what you are saying now.

    Hmmm...it's tricky because while I understand where you're coming from, to call it anything else doesn't make much sense to me from a story and IP branding perspective.

    Perhaps the idea of inserting an Eagle Transport is good but I was really hoping the font and style of the title would have already accomplished the same thing.

  12. I'm still interested in seeing what you do with it : )

    The logo helps - I'm just not sure how many people will recognize it, even if you did add the ship...