Thursday, August 13, 2020

RPGaDay Challenge 2020 - REST

I can just see it now...several dozen posts on what constitutes 'Rest' in Dungeons and Dragons. Ruminations on how many Hit Points one gets back from resting, how long a rest period is, and so forth. 

Rest is rarely a mechanic I concern myself with in any of the RPGs I run or play. It is a thing handled by hand wave and role playing dialogue. Sometimes PCs will be well rested, sometimes they'll be fatigued. If there is a specific reason or a neat mechanic that plays into the setting or genre I'll give it a look but usually it depends more on the context of the events in the game. 

I think I'll rest by largely sitting this one out. 

Barking Alien

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  1. Lord ...

    Hey don't forget maybe the most important "rest" conversation - "Does it get interrupted?"

    Random note: Seeing the word here summons the image from Baldur's Gate of the rest screen with the tent, the campfire, and the cricket noises. A screen shot of that probably would have been my post on this topic.