Monday, May 9, 2011


I am tired.

Not your run of the mill worked hard, not enough downtime, could use to catch some extra Zees tired...just...completely drained. It doesn't stop my brain from thinking up all kinds of crazy characters, wild story ideas and gaming scenarios but it does make it hard to get them from my mind to my hands so I can type or write them down.

Sucks too 'cause I've got some doozies.

Right now I am focused primarily on my upcoming gonna-be-cooler-than-cool Champions game but I am also already thinking about my Muppet Show game one-shot in June for nerdnyc's RECESS event.

And speaking of nerdnyc, I got the chance to briefly hang out with a number of the members at a picnic they held in Central Park this Saturday. Aside from seeing my good pal Doug and his son, I spoke with Eric 'E.T.' Smith and Matt from the Starships & Spacemen game Eric ran at the last RECESS.

I also had the most fascinating conversation about the overlap of Old School and New School and how Superheroes are "the key" with a fellow you might know by the name of
Tavis. Very, very interesting notes and observations and I will try to organize it into a post for later this week.

Later today/tonight I will post a new Muppet Mondays entry but otherwise posting in general might be light from a while as I attempt to re-energize. Again, not for lack of things to say but the vitality to stay awake while saying them.

Barking Alien


  1. Hope you feel better soon. I was exhausted most of the weekend, but after A LOT of rest, I feel better.

    Rest rest.

  2. I hear ya. It's been a busy/energy zapping spring.

  3. Thanks HW and you too Jay. Yeah. It seems to be going too fast and I feel a bit unprepared for it. Add to that the fact that I am a 'winter child' and it's got me wishing I could take a day or two off.