Friday, May 6, 2011

It's in Our Blood

So my 4 year old nephew has a bicycle helmet that he wears when riding his bike (training wheels still at this point). He chose it himself and it has pictures of the Super Hero Squad on it, Marvel's kid friendly chibi sized version of their comic book characters.

His Mom (my sister) said he needed to talk to his Uncle Adam because there was a guy on the helmet he didn't know. I saw him and he pointed out the character right away. It was Hawkeye. I told him, "That's Hawkeye. He has a bow and arrow. Do you know what that it?"

"Like Green Arrow?" he asked.

I smiled, "Yes. Like Green Arrow."

He nodded. "Oh, OK."

Superheroes. It's in our blood.

Barking Alien


  1. Mighty Avengers man, Mighty Avengers. Maybe not now since he's 4 but it's pretty to cool to watch for the slightly older (and greatly older) crowd.

  2. I am liking Mighty Avengers but honestly I'm really digging Young Justice. DC animated stuff always rocks.