Monday, May 16, 2011

Muppet Mondays! - I'm Planning For Randomness

One again I am pushing back discussion of Locations to address some ideas for my upcoming RECESS one-shot RPG session of the Muppet Show in June. Why? Well to be honest I am wondering if Muppet Mondays wasn't the smartest idea. I am wiped out at the end of a Monday and don't have a lot of time to think about and write a long entry. Monday's and Thursdays are really my busiest real life days.

Next week I think I'll write it on Sunday and just post it Monday morning.

In planning for my game, I realize that when preparing to run a Muppets RPG in general but certainly a Muppet Show game specifically, you are going to need think ahead on how best to be wacky and random and still seem to get an idea across. And be funny. And in the case of a convention atmosphere like RECESS, do it all in the span of 3-4 hours.

Let's say for example that you've decided a famous country western singer is your guest star and there is a plot running through the show that she wants Rowlf to be the new piano player for her band. This would mean Rowlf would leave the Muppets at the end of the episode if he agrees.

So sure, you can have Pigs in Space, the Swedish Chef's cooking segment and an infinite number of Muppet Monkeys on an infinite number of typewriters singing the Beatles classic Paperback Writer but that's not needed for the episode. It's awesome stuff but it's all extra. What is needed is to make sure Rowlf is featured a few times in key roles. This allows him to see how much the Muppets love him, how much he needs them, etc. So it's better to make sure you include Veterinarian's Hospital and a few musical sketches accompanied by piano. Also be sure to showcase some country western themed sketches. Maybe the patient in the Veterinarian's Hospital sequence is one of the Jugband Muppets or a Cowboy or...a Horse. The Talking Horse is always funny.

The point is it's the Muppets and anyone sitting down to play in a Muppet RPG is pretty much guaranteed to be capable and even willing to derail things into complete madness. Cool. It is the Director's purpose to give that madness some direction. I learned from Warhammer and Runequest that even chaos has to have a goal.

Barking Alien

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