Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zoomorphs! Instant Chimera Maker

Check out this awesome series of interchangeable creatures I discovered at a local toy store - Zoomorphs!

I've seen them up close and they are the perfect size for being considered rather large creatures to your standard gaming mini, about a inch or two tall and two or three inches long (depending upon construction). While not super cheap, they are certainly less expensive then most metal miniatures of monsters of a similar size. They also seem pretty rugged as they are designed to be played with by kids 4 and up.

Now go grab Raggi's Random Esoteric Creature Generator and have a blast!

Done say I never gave you nothing OSR.

Barking Alien


  1. Those are amazing. Thank you...ordering now!

  2. Another company called Wild Republic makes something very similar; in fact, I think I like their versions better.

    Hope you don't mind a pic link:


  3. Interesting. The design is cool but do they make more than just bugs? I like how you can mix bugs with lions and snakes in Zoomorphs.

  4. Yes, they make plenty of other animal packs--dinosaurs, "African", "North American", "Australian", etc.

    They're Amazon- or Google-able; I just didn't want to clutter your page like I was shilling for them.

    Who knew the morph biz was so popular?

  5. Get some Lego figures for the characters and some of these for monsters and you have a pretty good setup I'd say. Lots of variety anyway.