Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Coming Awesome

At least I think they're awesome. I certainly hope you will too.

I'm totally exhausted from today but I wanted to post a few things I'll be covering in my next few blog entries...

I spent today doing what I love most, running a role playing game at NerdNYC's RECESS event. What I ran was my Muppets RPG in the form of a Muppet Show episode scenario. I will tell you more about it Monday (for Muppet Monday of course) but suffice to say it went over incredibly well. Much better than I would have hoped. It also revealed a few rules and ideas that could be added or adjusted. Very fun and very helpful.

7 Players, 5 Guys and 2 Gals, Approximately between the ages of mid-teens to late 30's. 3 Hour Session. Blew up the Muppet Theater.

Got to play Deathwatch, the Warhammer 40K space marine RPG and it was great. Sometimes you just want to blast stuff.

I've had this urge to run my D&D-For-Those-You-Don't-Like-D&D game recently. Took something for the stomach ache and dizziness. Still there. The urge I mean.

Need to get back into some Sci-Fi/Space Opera gaming. Going to take another look at Rogue Space but in the end what I really want to run is probably Star Trek.

Really want to return to my Champions game.

Need to get some rest.

Later days,

Barking Alien

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