Monday, June 27, 2011


In continuing my recap of the first ever actual running of my Muppets RPG in it's current form, I realize that a lot, no...A LOT...of stuff happened.

The game was scheduled from 12-4 pm and I actually taught the rules to the group and gave out the pre-gens in the 15 minutes or so before we got started. After that I took some time to clarify the rules and answer questions (there really weren't many). Following the Q&A I ran the game from 12:15 to about 3 pm. Even with an hour to BS afterward we used each and every one of the 28 Muppet characters at least once, performed at least four sketches, three or four skits (short sketches), went backstage (or to some other non-stage location of the Muppet Theater) five times, did three or four songs and blew up the whole damn Theater in that time. coming...I mean, I don't get how people can run a four hour session and recap with, "So we spent this session talking to some Yak Farmers..." or some such non-sense. What?! How much could you possibly say to or hear from Yak Farmers? Get the *#$%ing milk and move on ya git. Sorry. More on that in an upcoming post.

Anyway, it would take me another three entries to tell the tale the way I did in the first to entries so I'll give you the 'PLAYBILL' highlights...

Following the opening sketch (Muppet Labs), we go backstage where Master Chief tries to convince Kermit that the Muppet Theater is going to be invaded by aliens. Kermit assures him he's mistaken and it's just a variety show. First mention of Master Chief looking to form a team to fight off the aliens. Needs to find Spartan Armor to equip allies.

Veterinarian's Hospital goes on. The sketch is in danger of falling flat when both Rowlf's Player and Piggy's Player brainfart and can't think of any good puns. Janice's Player saves the sketch and adds a new rule to the game. If a sketch is dying, one of its participants can call 'Meanwhile...Backstage' (or '...In The Cafeteria', or ' The Guest's Dressing Room') and the same players on-stage can switch to different characters backstage.

This was used to great effect as Pepe manages to get 'Spartan' armor for Master Chief. Y'know. Like from '300'. A host of Pigs and Penguins come in wearing it. Master Chief tells him he needs something better for his troops. Something like what he's wearing. Pepe and Rizzo team up to get the good stuff. At the same time, Master Chief mistakes Sam the Eagle's pompous patriotism for military experience, assuming him to be a retired soldier of some kind. Master Chief recruits Sam to his team.

We return to the sketch with the stipulation that the situation on stage must have changed dramatically since last we saw it. The idea is to forward the sketch but moreover to give everyone the impression that they missed something while viewing the antics backstage. The sketch still ends a tad weak but Statler and Waldorf zing it to end on a high note.

Gonzo and Johnny Fiama perform 'One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying, Purple, People Eater' with Sal and Gonzo having convinced Johnny to dress up in the title role. Johnny is not amused. The group was.

In Master Chief dressing room, the Chief meets with his inner circle, Sam, Link and Scooter. Plans are underway.

Clifford gets a phone call from NAASO (Pronounced Nah-So, like "No. So what?"), the National Anti-Alien Security Organization. They warn him about strange lights in the sky over the Muppet Theater and the possibility of a close encounter. They are sending agents over to help. Clifford takes in all in stride like it's no big thing.

The Swedish Chef attempts to make Possum Stew...sorry...Poossem Stoo but the Possum turns the tables on him and it looks like we might be having Chef stuff tonight! Best use of a skill/prop combo...Use Kitchen Utensil with an industrial Sledge Hammer.

Two strange looking Muppets in black suits, coats, hats and sunglasses show up at the backstage door. They meet with Pops (as an NPC) and Clifford. They are MIB...Muppets in Black. They are aware that aliens are indeed on their way and want to speak to Master Chief. Cliff assumes they're from NAASO. They look at each other and nod. "Sure".

Pigs in Spaaace! Link, Julius Strangepork and Piggy see a strange alien vessel approaching and call their newest crewmember, combat specialist Master Chief to the stage. Master Chief thinks they are finally taking his warning seriously and gets all macho, gung-ho scary on them. Link and Strangepork panic and eject from the SwineTrek in the escape pod. Piggy asks if there is a Mrs. Chief somewhere or are we free and clear?

To be concluded...

Barking Alien

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