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No comments on my first ever attempt to run the Muppets RPG live for people who don't already know me? No opinion on our guest, Master Chief? (The moment his name was mentioned most of the players tried to gasp and laugh at the same time. There was much coughing as they caught their breath.) Huh. Well, no matter. The show must go on...

Before we started I gave the players and overview of the mechanics and goal/idea of the game. Complete an episode, make everyone laugh yoohoo through their noses and try to find and then follow the general theme or plot of the session. In this case, the players would come to learn from the cold opening that Master Chief believed an alien invasion by the Covenant was coming to wipe out the Muppet Theater. Er...not exactly. Please read on...

Me (As Kermit): "Hi-ho everyone and welcome once again to the Muppet Show. We have a great show for you tonight and our very special guest star is Master Chief of HALO. Yes! So to get things rolling and keep with the theme of interstellar action and adventure, I present to you Muppet Laboratories... "(I do a sweeping arm gesture toward Wit, the fellow playing Bunsen, as a step away a little to the side of the table.)*

Wit (As an incredibly accurate Bunsen): "Well, hello there! I am Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, here at Muppet Labs where the future is being made today. In honor of our guest, I would like to test my latest invention. What you see here is the Muppetronic Augmented Armor Exoskeleton. Here to help me test it is my assistant Beaker. Now Beaker if you'll just step inside the suit..."

(Beaker's player did a damn fine job of not only sounding like Beaker but sounding like him apprehensive. He uttered by a few low Meeps and you totally knew he was not looking forward to getting in that thing.)

"Now, now Beaky I assure it's perfectly safe."

(Beaker climbs in as the Heads-Up-Display activates. The suit asks if the pilot/wearer wants to go to Automatic Mode or Manual Override. Beaker beeps indecisively at first and then give an 'OK' type sound. The computer asks for a code word, he meeps and I (the Director) say, "Code Word Confirmed" without missing a beat. It was all so funny and cool it was like we rehearsed it).

"Excellent", said Bunsen enthusiastically. "Now we will arm the weaponry and defenses and all systems will be online. Perfect. Now Beaker, if you would simply focus the Digital Targeting Array at, um..."

Player #1 (As Sweetums - and again, an excellent imitation): "Excuse me Dr. Honeydew, where do you want this?" (Sweetums' player incidates that the ogre-like Muppet is carrying a thick, metal door with a crude target painted on it.)

Bunsen: "Oh anywhere over here is fine." (he vaguely motioned to where it should go).

(Beaker decides to get a little revenge on Bunsen for all the experiments that have backfired on Beaker. He aims the suit's weaponry at Bunsen and opens fire. Bunsen counters with Oblivious, certain that it's either a glitch or incompetence on Beaker's part.)

Bunsen: "No, no, no Beaker. You are pointing those things the wrong way."

(Sweetums assumes he put the target in the wrong spot so to help he basically walks in front of Bunsen and attempts to, well, block/catch the attacks with the door. When the smoke clears Bunsen is unharmed, the door is dust and the Muppet Labs set is full of holes. Dave says that Beauregard the Janitor pokes his head through one of the gapping holes.)

Beauregard: "Hey guys...your making a mess."

Bunsen: "As you can see the suit still needs some minor adjustments but otherwise it is the ultimate technology for all your personal, military armor needs. Now I'll just press this button and get Beaker out of there." (Presses button).

(Beaker overrides with a synthetically modulated Meep-Meep!)

(Bunsen presses the button again).

(Beaker walks off stage, smashing through things and saying "Meep Bee Bee Me" like he's some kind of super bad ass. Bunsen chases after him).

(Beauregard walks on stage shaking his head.)

Sweetums: "Don't worry Beau. I'll help you clean up."

Next...Backstage with Master Chief

Barking Alien

*I don't sit down while GMing very often. I'm so known for standing up and walking around the table in fact that when I was sitting at one point during the Muppet Show game, another GM, my friend Doug, saw me and said, "He's sitting. he all right. Are you feeling OK Adam?"

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